Bad Timing.

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

Anna makes amends with Patrick, Jason forgives Sam and Olivia gets leverage.

Bad Timing. image

Olivia finds Liz at the hospital and asks if Steve is back yet. Liz wants to know what her brother is doing in Memphis. Olivia vaguely responds that he had to answer a few questions about an old case. She asks Liz to let Steve know she's asking about him if he returns. Once Olivia walks away, Matt enters the scene and tells Liz Maxie has been booked for killing Robin and Lisa. Matt fills in the blanks for a confused Liz. After he steps away, Liz thinks about being on the bridge with Jason and leaves.


Anna returns to the Drake house and is surprised to encounter Noah. He offers his condolences and then confronts her for beating up on his son. Patrick enters and tells his father this is between him and Anna. Noah leaves them alone and Anna admits to Patrick she was disappointed that Robin didn't confide in her about Lisa. Anna knows Patrick made Robin happy in the end and that he loved her. Anna feels she failed her daughter. Patrick says Robin knows Anna deeply loved her. Patrick tells Anna she had every right to lay into him, but Anna knows her timing was off. Patrick asks how long she's going to stick around. She's not sure, but she'd like to look after him and Emma for a little bit. Before she leaves to return to Jake's, she tells Patrick whoever disposed of Lisa deserves a medal. Matt drops by and is taken aback to see his father. He's glad he made it though. Matt tells Noah his girlfriend has been arrested for murder.


Lulu runs into Jake's and is upset to see Luke there. Today of all days. Luke knows Jake died exactly a year ago and assures her he isn't drinking. He informs her he paid Coleman to change the name of the bar. He then tells her that Ethan isn't her brother. Lulu has a hard time processing it, so Luke tells her it's all a lie. He explains why he created the ruse and why they have to keep it up. He says no one else can know. Not even Dante. Anna and Liz both show up looking for Luke.

Anthony sees the news about Maxie's arrest at home and Johnny questions his father's concern. He demands to know what he's holding over Maxie as Olivia knocks on the door. Johnny hides Anthony, but she knows the old man is there. Dante is next to arrive looking for Anthony so he can help clear up Maxie's statements. Johnny doesn't know where Anthony is. Olivia thinks he's at the Quartermaines. Dante leaves and Olivia agrees to keep quiet about Anthony if Johnny keeps quiet about Steve.


After Maxie spends a night in lockup, Mac wonders if she's ready to admit she didn't kill anyone. Maxie refuses to change her statement and Mac leaves to get her a lawyer whether she wants one or not. Spinelli stays with Maxie in the interrogation room and secretly records her as he tries to get her to admit that she didn’t kill Lisa. However, Mac returns with Alexis before she can. Mac drags Spinelli out so Anna can try to work her magic on Maxie.


Jason walks into the penthouse to find a worried Sam, who wonders where he's been. He explains he was at the bridge with Elizabeth. He asks if she would have let Liz see him at the hospital knowing it would upset him talking about Jake. She again tries to defend herself, but Jason doesn’t want her lying to him for his own good. Sam tells him she couldn't bear the thought of not having him around. She puts his hand on her belly and asks him to forgive her. She says she can stay with Alexis if he wants her to. Jason relents and says he 's just mad at Robin for going back into the lab. He knows Sam lied to protect him. He grabs Sam and tells her he loves her. Spinelli visits to tell the Morgans the video footage of Jason as a baby is a clue.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Spinelli reveals a clue from Franco's DVD.

Sam sets out to uncover a mystery.

Dante warns Sonny.

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