The Floating Rib.

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

Luke and Anna console each other, Carly connects the dots and Jason and Liz remember Jake.

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John shows Sam a photo of Liam and explains how things worked out for him and Natalie after she lied to him. He says one lie doesn't have to ruin everything. Sam retorts, "You don't know Jason Morgan." John's ears perk up upon hearing the name. Sam wonders why he's there. He says he was told Sonny Corinthos would be there. She asks how he knows Sonny. John remains vague, but says it was before her husband started working for him. He shows her his badge and assures her he's not after Jason. Yet. Sam again asks if they've met before. John thinks maybe in another life.


On the bridge, Liz defends Sam's lie to Jason about Robin. Jason says Robin shouldn’t have died for him. Liz reminds him that's how Robin lived her life and she would have done that for anyone. Jason doesn't know about anyone else. He only knows what she did for him. Liz insists none of this is his fault. Or Sam's. She implores him to forgive himself for being alive. He asks her to tell him about the funeral. She obliges. He asks about Patrick and Emma. She says Patrick is struggling and Emma is confused because kids don’t understand death. Jason says, "Jake died a year ago." Liz recalls how Jake used to love the bridge. She pulls out some leaves Jake brought home the last time they were there. They both cry as Liz lets the leaves blow in the wind.


At home, Noah tells Patrick Anna had no right to tear into him. Patrick can only see how much damage he caused his marriage. Noah reminds him that Robin forgave him, but Patrick declares the last couple of years of Robin's life were wasted. Noah says he's human and that Patrick was a better father and husband than he ever was. He is proud of his son.


Luke tries to console a distraught Anna at Jake's over Robin. Anna wonders why Robin didn't come to her when Patrick cheated on her. Luke thinks maybe Robin didn't want her to think badly of the husband she knew she would forgive. Anna can't believe she lashed out at Patrick today of all days. She knows she can't punish him more than he's already punishing himself. She wants to apologize to Patrick and assure him they're still family. She gets up to leave, but stumbles. Luke asks Coleman to get Anna a cup of black coffee. Anna wonders when he became the alcohol monitor. Luke responds, "When I killed a four-year-old." Anna insists Luke tell her what happened and Luke launches into the story about Jake. He says he comes there sometimes to just look at the Jake's sign: The name of a little boy who will never grow up. Anna is devastated for Luke. She thanks him for being so good to her. She'd like to return the favor. She crumples up a flyer for Jake's, which Luke calls a lovely gesture, but there's still a big ass sign out there. Luke pulls out a wad of cash to pay Coleman to change the name of the bar. Coleman accepts, but Luke wants to pick the new name. He suggests The Floating Rib. Anna loves it but Coleman is confused by the name. Luke tells him to ask around. A lot of people know it.


When Kate won't leave and gets under Carly's skin at Johnny's, Carly makes her exit, but not before connecting "Kate's" lipstick to Johnny's shirt. Once she's gone, Connie laughs at Johnny for having an affair with Sonny's ex-wife. She thinks they can use this to break up Kate and Sonny, but Johnny won't hurt Carly.


Carly finds Sonny and Michael, who wants to believe his father is innocent, at the hospital. She tells them she snuck into see Jason and told him about Robin. Sonny doesn't think it was her place, but Carly defends her actions. She then snarkily says, "I guess it's not my place to tell you about Johnny and Kate either." Sonny questions her, but Carly just tells her ex to ask Kate if she's keeping any secrets.

Starr privately says goodbye to Cole and Hope at the cemetery. Her anger is fueled thinking about how they died. She declares she will go back to Port Charles to testify in Sonny's trial so she can make sure he pays for what he did.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Jason and Sam discuss Robin and a puzzle from the past.

Anna has an angry confrontation with Noah.

Liz visits Luke.

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