Hello Son.

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

Noah Drake comes home, John McBain returns and Mac brings Maxie in.

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At the hospital Maxie declares that she killed Lisa and Anthony helped her cover it up. Mac, Spinelli and Matt don't believe her. Maxie demands she be arrested, but Mac wants to know why she would kill Lisa. Maxie explains she wanted Lisa to pay for what she did to Robin, who was too decent of a person to do it herself.


John McBain enters the PCPD and tells Dante he's there to talk about Sonny Corinthos. Dante gets defensive, but McBain wants to go over the evidence against the mobster in Starr and Cole's accident. Dante wonders what business it is of his. John explains his personal connection. Dante thinks that will cloud his judgment. McBain counters, "And Corinthos being your father doesn’t'?" Dante suggests he go home, but McBain thinks he'll stick around. Once McBain is gone, Dante searches the Llanview cop online and then watches as Mac brings Maxie into the interrogation room.


At the church, Jason asks Sam if the doctors told her to keep the truth from him. Sam explains that he was getting better and she knew he would risk his life if he knew Robin was dead. Sam still thinks he should be in the hospital right now. Jason yells that he's not going back so she needs to leave it alone. He storms out to say goodbye to Robin. Sam sits in a pew and cries as McBain touches her shoulder. She looks at him and says, "I know you." John doesn’t think they've met, but Sam is convinced she knows him. He asks if she's okay. She says no because she thinks she just lost her husband. After hearing her story, John says he can relate.


Jason heads to the bridge as Elizabeth shows up. Jason wonders if Emma will remember Robin. Liz believes she will, but Jason thinks she's too young. Jason tears up as he says he's lost her forever. Jason wonders how he's supposed to forgive Sam for keeping her death from him.


As Carly and Johnny get cozy on the couch, she finds his shirt with lipstick on it. She wonders if it's Olivia's. Johnny assures her it isn't but asks if it would bother her if he was with someone else. Carly tells him he can see whomever he wants. Johnny says the same goes for her. Neither one is seeing anyone so Carly wonders what they're doing. As they're about to kiss, Connie knocks on the door and calls out for Johnny. A confused Carly thinks it sounds like Kate. Johnny asks her to go upstairs. Kate continues to knock and says 'This is about getting back at Sonny." Carly opens the door to find Kate dressed as Connie.

Sonny runs into Michael at the hospital as they both look for Jason. They talk about Robin and Starr. Sonny says Todd thinks he's a baby killer. He asks if Michael thinks the same thing.


After Anna lashes out at Patrick some more, she heads to Jake's where Coleman offers his condolences. Luke shows up and passes on a drink, which surprises Anna. He offers to listen to why she's on a bender. She says she just destroyed her son-in-law. She tells him what happened on the roof and tries to wrap her mind around the whole Lisa Niles mess. Luke asks if yelling at Patrick made her feel better. She shakes her head no. Luke thinks maybe she's angry at herself as well then. Maybe she's even upset at Robin.


Patrick returns home with Anna's words in his head. There's a knock at the door. Patrick opens to Noah. Patrick wonders what his father is doing there. Noah responds, "My son just lost his wife. Where else would I be?" They have coffee and talk about the funeral. Patrick tells Noah about Anna blowing up at him, which she had every right to do.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Carly taunts Sonny.

Connie continues her quest.

Patrick and Noah continue their talk.

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