Is It Too Early For Scotch?

Friday, March 9th, 2012

Sonny goes to court, Steve is ready to confess, and Starr remains bitter.

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Maggie talks Steve down at the hospital after Steve goes off on a staff member in the wake of Robin's death. Olivia finds them and tells Maggie to take her hands off her man. Steve tries to explain things to Olivia, but she gets upset believing Steve and Maggie are having an affair. Steve tells her it's not true. Maggie begs Steve not to tell Olivia, but Steve thinks she deserves to know the truth. Maggie gets paged away and Steve admits to Olivia that he killed someone.


Todd finds Carly at the Metro Court. They catch up on the outcomes of their ruse at the hospital and discuss Starr's tragedy. Todd declares he's going after Sonny Corinthos because he's the one who shot out Anthony's tires. Todd says he has to lay low, but he would like her to point the police in the right direction. Carly admits Sonny is her ex-husband. Todd is surprised she didn't tell him about this before and wants answers from her. Carly knows he's had a terrible loss, but they don't know Sonny is guilty. Todd declares someone needs to answer for what happened to Starr. Carly reminds him Sonny is being arraigned this morning. Todd says he can leave town happy knowing justice was done.


Kate shows up at the courthouse as Sonny is about to head in. They discuss the charges and Sonny assures her he had nothing to do with Starr's crash. Alexis arrives and Kate looks guilty as Sonny tells Dante to find out who the gun belongs to. Dante wants to believe he's innocent, but he won't fabricate evidence. Alone with her client, Alexis asks Sonny if he is guilty. Sonny insists he's not. He wouldn’t expect her to defend him if he was guilty in the death of a little girl. Alexis believes him. Inside the courtroom, Dante is called to the witness stand. Dante describes the scene of the car accident and how he found the gun in Kate's office. The judge feels there is enough evidence to bring charges against Sonny. Alexis pleads his case, as Kate focuses on Ewen's business card. Bail is set and Alexis gets in touch with Bernie to post it. After touching base with Sonny, Kate heads to the hallway and makes an urgent call to Ewen. Todd shows up to confront Sonny, who is alone in the courthouse.


Michael enters the station and talks to Lulu about Sonny getting arrested. She assures him Dante wanted to find evidence Sonny was innocent, but that's not happening. Michael thinks she believes Sonny is guilty just like everyone else. He asks about the stripper case and Delores appears saying it's gone cold. Lulu counters they found footprints, but the pictures of them are gone. Delores can't believe Lulu is sharing that information with Michael. Lulu promises Michael that Dante won't let this go. Michael leaves as Delores reprimands Lulu for giving civilians case information. Lulu thinks she's only concerned because she was the one who deleted the photos. Dante shows up as the ladies get into it.


Blair tries to comfort Starr at the hospital and learns Todd stopped by. She gets upset until Starr expresses her belief in Todd. Blair shows her the cover of Todd's paper The Sun with Sonny's face on it accompanied by the headline "Baby Killer." Starr doesn't care if it's true or not, but Blair reminds her it's irresponsible journalism and Todd is baiting a dangerous mobster. Starr remains bitter, which Blair feels sounds like Todd, not her. Starr explains how Cole asked her to marry him right before the accident. She thinks Sonny deserves to pay for all Sonny Corinthos has taken away from her. Blair doesn't care about Sonny, she just cares about how angry Starr is. She doesn't want Starr to turn her rage in on herself like Todd does. Starr doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. After Blair leaves, Starr searches Sonny on her tablet and discovers Michael is Sonny's son. Michael stops by and Starr demands to know why he didn’t tell her his father killed her daughter and boyfriend.


Blair enters the Metro Court restaurant and asks Carly if it's too early for scotch. Carly pours her a drink as Blair asks about Todd.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Sonny and Todd get into a heated argument.

Dante and Lulu are puzzled by Delores.

Steve confesses to Olivia.

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