I Don't Have Time To Kick Your Scrawny Butt.

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

Carly causes a scene, Todd consoles Starr, and Ewen comes to a conclusion...

I Don't Have Time To Kick Your Scrawny Butt. image

At the hospital, dressed in scrubs, Carly wishes Todd good luck then leaves him to enter Starr's room. "Get out," Starr snaps and brings up Victor and how Todd kept lying about killing him. "You're not sorry for what you've done," Starr cries. Todd wishes he could bring Cole and Hope back to Starr. "You can't," she says. "They're gone." Todd refuses to leave and talks about having wanted for Hope to have the life he and Blair couldn't provide Starr. She wishes they wouldn't have tried to come home. When he talks about imagining them in California, as a family, Starr begs him to stop. Todd comforts Starr as she cries, "How can they be gone?" She admits Cole asked her an important question before the headlights came at them. Todd listens as Starr remembers the other driver saying Sonny Corinthos shot out his tires. She realizes the man has the same last name as the guy who helped her. Starr wants to call the police, but Todd promises to take care of everything. Sonny isn't going to get away with hurting his family. Out in the hall, as Carly sneaks toward Jason's room, she takes a call from Johnny. Epiphany grabs her phone from behind and scolds Carly for impersonating hospital staff. Carly wants to see Jason, but Epiphany refuses to allow it. She doesn't have time to kick her scrawny butt. Carly stops Epiphany from calling security and pleads for her help. She orders Carly down to the locker-room to return the scrubs. "No need," Carly says and strips down to her underwear.


Lulu joins Dante at the station. They discuss Maxie and Max and fear Robin's family won't be able to get over her death. Talk turns to the gun Dante found at Crimson. He needs to question Kate. Lulu wonders if he thinks Sonny went after Anthony. It's possible but Dante knows Sonny wouldn't have put anyone else in danger, which will be no comfort to Starr. They get word that Kate is back in her office. Before he leaves, Dante asks Lulu to watch for some photos to come up then give them to Delores. Later, Lulu and Delores notice that the photos they were waiting for have been deleted.


Ewen finds Kate at Crimson. He wanted to make sure she was okay after their encounter earlier. She becomes defensive. Ewen brings up the symptoms he witnessed and asks if they're happening more often. He looks in a bag. Kate admits the clothes are Connie's and explains that Connie is her real name. She used to wear the clothes before she got class. Ewen suggests Connie is a different person. That would explain Kate's blackouts. Kate denies it but listens as Ewen says she could be experiencing D.I.D. due to stress. He hands her his card then leaves when Dante arrives. Kate confirms Sonny was there earlier. Dante shows her the bagged gun and asks if it looks familiar. It doesn't. She thinks someone planted it. Dante asks who else has been in her office. Kate's stunned to hear Sonny's been arrested for murder. He warns if Kate keeps making up stories for Sonny, she'll end up in a cell next to him.


Dante returns to the station. He realizes someone deliberately deleted the photos of the footprints while Lulu was in the evidence room. Delores watches them nearby.


At Johnny's, Anthony rambles about the possibility of Sonny seeing Johnny with Kate. If they catch Sonny off guard, they can take him down. Johnny doesn't want to take advantage of Kate's mental instability. Anthony warns they need to hit Sonny where it hurts before he hurts them again. Anthony knows Johnny has to be tempted and hides when Carly arrives. She rants about not being allowed to see Jason, who would want to know about Robin's death. Johnny talks Carly down and kisses her after getting the scoop on her leaving the hospital half naked. After Carly leaves, Anthony taunts Johnny about dating a mom who has to leave all the time. He urges him to give Connie a call.


Holly rushes into Robert's arms at Wyndemere. After taking in her condolences over Robin, he brings up Ethan. Robert refuses to let anything happen to his son and wonders why Luke and Holly are looking at each other. They cover, and Luke gives them time alone. As Robert promises Holly he'll save Ethan from Helena, Luke listens from the shadows. Luke rejoins them and hands Robert a photo of Ethan. It's clear Luke's having a hard time talking about Ethan as Robert's son. Holly privately wonders if they're doing the right thing. Luke reminds her he and Ethan know the truth. That's all that matters.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Todd and Sonny come face to face.

Dante heads back to the PCPD to find Lulu.

Steve makes a confession.

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