A New Light At The End Of The Tunnel.

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

Ethan agrees to Luke's plan, Robert is re-energized, and Todd and Carly get acquainted.

A New Light At The End Of The Tunnel. image

Todd enters the Metro Court and approaches Carly. He wants a room for as long as it takes. She says they just need a credit card, but Todd wants to pay cash because people might be looking for him. Carly doesn’t want any trouble, but allows him to book a room. He tells her his daughter is in the hospital, but he isn't allowed to see her. He adds that his granddaughter is dead because someone ran their car off the road. Carly recalls her conversation with Michael about the situation and indicates she knows about the accident. After more discussion, Carly and Todd commiserate over not being able to see their loved ones at GH. Todd wonders what they are going to do about that. Carly has an idea.

Tomas calls Blair while she's still at the hospital. She tells him Todd was there, but there's no way in hell she'll let him near Starr after what he's done. Tomas offers to come to Port Charles, but she tells him to stay put.


Michael visits Starr in the hospital. She lashes out at him for not saving her family when he promised he would. She then orders him to tell her everything that happened. He recalls his actions and how the guardrail gave way leading to the car going over the edge. She wonders if there is any way they could have gotten out. Michael just says he's sorry he couldn't save them. Starr replies, "So am I." As they talk more, Starr learns Michael's full name. Blair returns and Starr thanks Michael for all he did before he leaves. Starr realizes Cole's parents don't know he's dead, but she doesn't want Todd involved in contacting them. Blair says she'll call John McBain. Starr cries as she looks at the photo of her with Cole and Hope. Blair vows to help Starr through this. Blair steps out of the room and passes Carly and Todd, who are dressed in scrubs.


Alexis storms into the police station to defend Sonny. Dante lays out the evidence against Sonny. Alexis defends her client and then asks Sonny if he's guilty when Dante leaves the interrogation room. Sonny insists he's innocent. Michael enters the station and gets caught up on Sonny by Dante. Alexis and Sonny exit the interrogation room. Alexis demands Sonny be released, but Dante is only following Mac's orders.


Robert returns to the Drake house to a much relieved Anna and Mac. He assures them he's seen a new light at the end of the tunnel. However, he has to go now to save his son - Ethan. He explains what Luke told him and declares he has to find Ethan before Helena does. Mac thinks they should run some DNA tests, but Robert says there's no time. Anna reminds him they have to get through Robin's funeral. She thinks they should all be together to mourn her. Robert says Mac will be there for her and leaves to say goodbye to Emma. Anna vents to Mac, who thinks Ethan has given Robert a reason to live and they shouldn't take that away from him. Robert returns and Anna tells him she understands what he's doing and that Robin loved him. After he's gone, Anna feels she's making a terrible mistake.


Lulu finds Maxie crying in her hallway. Maxie says she did something terrible and talks about going to Robin for advice about Matt in her lab. She rattles on about how she should have been paying attention and then runs off to the bathroom fearing she's going to be sick. She returns and tells Lulu she's upset because she'll never be able to tell Robin how sorry she is. Lulu calls Mac, who rushes over to console Maxie.


At Wyndemere, Luke tells Holly and Ethan he gave Robert a reason to live: A son. Ethan isn't thrilled to be used like this, but Luke only sees that it will save Robert's life. Luke thinks this con could save Ethan as well because when he goes in hiding it will keep him safe from Helena. Ethan retorts, only if he goes along with it. After more convincing, Ethan agrees to go on the adventure. Luke gives his son cash, passports and contacts. Ethan says goodbye to his parents and enters the tunnels with his packed bag. As Holly worries about Ethan, Robert shows up.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Starr mentions Sonny to Todd.

Dante questions Kate.

Holly has second thoughts.

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