You Need To Go.

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

Johnny is conflicted, Blair rails against Todd, and Luke talks Robert down.

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Outside Starr's hospital room, Blair slaps Todd and rails at him for his crimes in Llanview. Todd reminds her they can't resist each other, but she wants nothing to do with him. Besides, she's with Tomas now and Todd's going to jail for killing his brother. She also points out that Starr hates him right now because he let her believe his lies. Todd asks after his daughter and Blair lets him know Starr is basically fine, but her life will never be the same because Cole and Hope are dead. Blair proceeds to give a shocked Todd the details. Todd holds Blair as she cries, but Blair doesn’t want his comfort. She says she and Starr will get through this alone. In fact, she'll call the cops if he enters Starr's room. Todd just wants to help his daughter, but Blair starts to call the Llanview PD. Todd rips the phone out of her hands and vows to never stop trying to put them back together.


After finding Sonny at the hospital, Dante brings his father to the station to question him about Zacchara. Sonny assures his son the last time he saw Anthony, he was alive. Dante presses for details and Sonny admits he was in Kate's office in the last 24 hours. Dante shows him the gun he found there. Sonny insists it wasn't him who shot at Anthony. Dante wants to believe him, but the evidence is hard to ignore. Sonny asks if Dante is arresting him.


Carly runs into Alexis at the hospital and points out Sam hasn't told Jason about Robin yet. Alexis tells her it's none of her business and accuses her of starting a mob war by sleeping with Sonny's enemy Johnny Zacchara. Carly gets things back on track and tells Alexis Jason loved Robin and would want to know she's dead. Later, Alexis gets a call from Sonny, who says he was arrested for murder.


Anthony spies Connie coming on to Johnny at the penthouse. Connie wants Johnny to help her make Sonny jealous, leading him to break up with Kate. Johnny isn't so sure, but Connie tells him this is his chance to make Sonny suffer. Besides, it's not like he's seeing anyone. Even if he was, they'd have a good time getting back at Sonny. She gives him a night to think about it and leaves. Anthony walks out and enthusiastically encourages his son to take Connie up on his offer. Johnny doesn't feel right taking advantage of a woman losing her marbles. Anthony thinks it could be beneficial, but Johnny has his reasons for saying no.


Luke tries to convince a disbelieving Robert that Ethan is his son on the bridge. Robert wonders why Ethan would even need him if he has Luke. Spencer replies that he can't save him from Helena, but Robert can with all his connections. Robert says it won't bring Robin back. Luke spits out that if he doesn't do anything he'll fail his son like he failed his daughter. Robert doesn't know if he can live with the pain of losing Robin and knowing he couldn't save her. Luke says he can save his son though. Robert gets off the ledge and yells at Luke for preying on his guilt.


At Wyndemere, Holly tries to convince Ethan not to go after Helena. When Ethan doesn’t fall for her reasoning, she uses Luke's love for him as her argument. Luke shows up as Ethan decides to stay and not go after Helena. Luke tells Ethan he actually needs him to disappear.


Matt finds Maxie falling apart at Crimson as she recalls hitting the gas line in the lab. As Matt gives her the details on Robin's death, Maxie declares it's all her fault. She tries to get back to work, but Matt tells her to take some time off. Maxie doesn't need time off. She needs Robin back. She tells Matt to leave. He reluctantly complies, as Maxie breaks down in tears. Connie bounces into Fusion. Maxie wonders what she's wearing. Connie realizes her gaffe and seems to transform back into Kate. She encourages Maxie to go home because of Robin. She then looks worried as she sees herself in the mirror.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Todd and Carly get acquainted.

Maxie comes close to revealing her secret.

Robert convinces Anna he has an important task at hand.

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