I'm Looking For My Daughter.

Friday, March 2nd, 2012

Blair hears about the accident, Carly is determined to defy Sam, and Dante finds a gun…

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Dante enters the mansion and confronts Tracy. Where's Anthony? People have died because of his actions! Tracy claims not to know where Anthony is and blames Sonny as the guilty party. After she throws Dante out, Edward appears. Tracy sits him down, tells Edward about Robin's death and says, "I'm sorry, Daddy." Tracy comforts him. He looks up, knowing Robin is with the angels now, and says, "May you rest in peace."


Sonny talks to Kate at Crimson, wondering if they're okay. They look at Kate's bloodied wedding dress. Sonny doesn't want her to pull that out every time she doubts him. He wants Kate to think of last night as a very difficult moment in their lives, one they survived. Kate cries her apologies. They kiss and make plans to meet later. After he leaves, Kate picks up the dress, lays it on a chair then puts on some perfume and lipstick. She looks in the mirror and says to her reflection, "I can't let you do this, Kate." Later, Dante finds the office empty and stumbles upon a gun.


At Johnny's Carly admits she and Robin didn't get along, but Jason loved her. Johnny doesn't understand Carly's undying loyalty to Jason. He's her best friend, and Carly plans to be there for him. After Carly leaves, Anthony appears and asks for Johnny's help. Johnny doesn't blame Sonny for trying to kill Anthony, who tried to kill his son. Anthony denies taking the shot but knew Sonny was coming for him. It's why he tried to get out of town. He insists to Johnny that Sonny shot out his tires. As Johnny tends to Anthony's wounds, Anthony comments about the others not being so lucky. He thinks back, and how he refused to help Starr, but doesn't let Johnny in on it. Later, after Antony leaves, Kate appears all dolled up and says, "What's the matter, Johnny Boy? Cat got your tongue?"


Blair Cramer rushes into the hospital. She tells Epiphany, "I'm looking for my daughter. Starr Manning." As Epiphany explains Starr's condition, Blair interrupts that Starr was traveling with her daughter and boyfriend. Where are Hope and Cole? Blair can't believe Hope and Cole didn't survive. In tears, Blair begs Epiphany to take her to Starr. Epiphany warns that Starr doesn't know about the deaths yet.


Michael sits by an unconscious Starr's bedside. He doesn't think he should be the one to tell her that her boyfriend and daughter are gone. Blair appears and rushes to Starr, as Michael relays the accident to her. Blair thanks Michael, who admits Starr was so brave. All she wanted to do was save her family. "You have no idea how brave she is," Blair cries then whispers to Starr. "You're going to get through it." After Michael talks about the other car involved, Blair demands, "Where's the driver?" Michael names Anthony as the driver, who hasn't been located yet. As she wonders what Michael isn't telling her, Starr calls out, "Mom. Where are Cole and Hope?"


Over in Jason room, Sam asks Monica if she thinks there's any way Patrick botched the surgery on purpose. Monica knows Patrick did his best and wants to keep Jason calm. She doesn't think Jason should know about Robin until Patrick gives the go-ahead. Carly appears but Sam asks her to leave immediately. In the hall, Sam briefly fills Carly in on Jason's condition but refuses to let her upset him. Carly can't believe Sam has kept Robin's death from Jason and vows to tell him the second he wakes up. This is exactly why Sam refuses to let Carly see him - and Monica agrees with her! This means nothing to Carly, as Sam threatens to ban her from Jason's room. Carly promises not to let this go and walks away. Carly runs into Sonny, who talks about how Robin saved Jason's life. Carly holds Sonny close. Back in Jason's room, Sam apologizes to an unconscious Jason. She can't risk losing him.


Luke finds Anna at Kelly's. He holds her close, as Anna says, "I can't believe she's gone." Luke sits with Anna and lets her grieve the unfairness of Robin's death. Luke warns Anna not to think about all the 'what ifs'. Anna explains how Robert's consumed by them. This is why she called Luke. Anna fears Robin's death will cause Robert to do something stupid. She has no idea where Robert is and shows Luke his goodbye text. Anna wants Robert found. Luke has an idea of where Robert might be and leaves, promising to find him.


Roberts stands outside glaring at the ground far below him. Luke appears and says, "I thought I'd find you here. Enjoying the view?"

Monday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Todd visits Starr.

Dante and Delores work on a case.

Maxie has a flashback.

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