I Can't Do This.

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Robert can't deal with his loss, Patrick talks with Emma, and Carly confesses to Johnny.

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Johnny catches Carly trying to sneak out of his place in the morning without so much as a kiss goodbye. He asks her to stay for breakfast, but she has a life to get back to. He starts kissing her neck and undressing her. She gives in for a moment, but puts a stop to it. She thinks she's just a way to provoke Sonny for him. He counters he would never use her because what Sonny did is not her fault. Carly tells him it is, actually. After Johnny puts on some clothes, Carly relays how she set the events in motion that led to Sonny finding out about Claudia being his mother. She apologizes for sending Luke to dig into his past. He understands why she went to Luke and knows the truth had to come out sooner or later. Carly says whatever mistakes and choices were made were not his. He retorts that Sonny's made a lot of bad choices and he'll pay for them. Carly suggests Johnny just let Sonny live his own life and he do the same. Johnny thinks it sounds like she's protecting her ex. Carly counters she's protecting Johnny from his impulses. They start making out again and head back upstairs. In bed, Carly turns on the TV to make sure it isn't going to rain during Josslyn's play date. They hear a news report about Robin.


At Crimson, Kate shows Sonny her bloody wedding dress and they rehash the past. She explains that she keeps the dress to remind her of all the violence surrounding him. She would have given up everything for him, but he couldn't give up his vengeance for Anthony. Holding back the tears, Sonny tells Kate about Robin's death. Sonny can't lose another person who is close to him. He can't make his wrongs right with Robin, but he wants to make it right with her. They start to kiss, which leads to them falling back on the desk.


Luke and Ethan confront Holly at Wyndemere about Ethan's parentage. She tells them she was lying to Helena in order to protect Ethan. Luke is Ethan's father. Ethan learns Luke called Holly about Ethan falling for a con woman, which is why she came to town. Holly consoles her son about losing Cassandra. After Luke talks Ethan down from going after Helena, Ethan leaves to be alone to reflect on Cassandra. Holly tells Luke Helena won't be happy when she gets the DNA results on Ethan. Luke knows and is prepared to finally rip her bloody head off.


Patrick and Anna discuss Robin at the house. Anna cries as she tells Patrick he's a great father and Emma will really need him. Patrick isn't sure he can be a good father to her now. Anna reminds him how much faith Robin had in him. He needs to have that faith in himself now. Patrick tells her to be with Robert and he'll talk to Emma. After Anna leaves, Patrick talks to a photo of Robin, wondering how he's going to explain things to their daughter. Elizabeth stops by to offer her condolences. Patrick tells her the protocol worked on Jason, so he'll probably pull through. Liz thanks him. Emma runs out and Patrick pulls her on his lap. He says there was an accident and Mommy got hurt. Emma offers to give her a princess bandage. Patrick can't speak, so Liz steps in and helps explain that Robin isn't coming back.


As Robert is about to enter the morgue, Mac pushes him out of the way because this is not how he wants to remember her. Robert punches Mac in order to bypass him. Robert enters the morgue and locks the door. Mac pounds on the door as Robert pulls back the sheet over Robin's body. He breaks into tears. Robin appears to him and asks where he was while she was burning up in the lab. Why didn't he save her? He cries as he apologizes, but Robin says it's too late for sorry. Robert looks up, but Robin is gone. Anna shows up and learns from Mac that Robert is locked inside the morgue. Anna gets the keys and opens the door. Robert storms out and Mac follows him. Anna slowly enters the morgue. Just as she's about to pull back the sheet, she gets a text from Robert who says he can't do this. Goodbye. When Anna can't get a hold of Robert, she calls Luke for help.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Blair Manning arrives in Port Charles.

Dante looks for Anthony.

Carly is determined to tell Jason important news.

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