You Do As I Say Drake Jr.

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

Epiphany bolsters Patrick, Robert learns about Robin, and Olivia is shocked by Kate's appearance.

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Helena, Luke and Ethan aren't convinced Holly is telling the truth about Ethan's parentage at Wyndemere. Luke wonders why she would tell him Ethan was his if it weren't true. Holly explains it was the only way to get Luke back because she still loves him. She says it was all a scam and the only possible father to her baby is Robert. Helena isn't swayed and calls out her goon. She rips hair from Ethan and Luke's heads to have tested at her secret lab. Helena takes off and Holly helps free Luke and Ethan. Luke asks Holly who Ethan's daddy really is.


At the hospital, Epiphany tells Michael they're still working on contacting Starr's family. Starr wakes up confused. Michael tells her she's at the hospital. She asks about Cole and Hope and gets upset when Michael doesn't say anything. Epiphany rushes back in to give Starr a sedative, putting her to sleep. Michael vows to stay with Starr until her family arrives. Outside Starr's room, Dante tracks down Sonny to confront him about Anthony. Sonny relays that he didn't shoot him at the Quartermaine house. Dante declares Anthony was in an accident involving two fatalities. Michael finds his family and they fill Sonny in on the car crash. Dante in turn tells Michael Anthony's car was shot at, which caused the accident. Dante asked if Sonny did it. Sonny insists he did not.


Elsewhere at the hospital, Patrick tells Sam the surgery went perfectly, but they don’t know if it worked yet. Sam thanks him, but Patrick reminds her he did it for Robin, not her. He coldly adds that if he let Jason die on the table he would have done Port Charles a favor. Sam says Jason will never forget what Robin did and will always love her. Patrick gets emotional, falls back on the wall and slides down to the floor. He tries to stand up, but falters. Epiphany finds him and gives him a pep talk. She knows he will get through this because he has Emma at home. He wonders how he'll tell his daughter her mother is dead. Epiphany says he'll just do it. He'll find the words and the strength. She tells him to do whatever it takes to keep her going because that will in turn keep him going. She urges him not to let anything stop him from doing more good in this world. Not even this. Patrick thanks her. She says, "You do as I say Drake Jr. and we'll never speak of this again."


After being summoned, Robert shows up at the Drake house to see Anna. She remains weepy and emotional as Emma runs out to see her Grandpa. Anna sends her granddaughter out of the room, which makes Robert realize something serious is going on. Anna finally chokes out that Robin is dead. Robert can't believe it's true, but Anna has to convince him it is. Robert wants to see her to say goodbye. Anna thinks he should remember her the way she was – strong and beautiful. Robert won't be told what he should and shouldn't do and leaves the house. Patrick returns home and tells Anna Jason survived. Anna is proud of him and knows Robin would be too. She then tells him Robert is back and knows about Robin.


Robert goes to the morgue and recalls meeting Robin for the first time.


Olivia finds Kate with her bloody wedding dress on at Crimson. Olivia wonders what the hell her cousin is doing. Kate explains she had an awful night so she's trying to put it all behind her. Olivia remains confused. Kate changes and the cousins talk about her rocky relationship with Sonny. After Olivia has left, Kate gets emotional and then suddenly hardens. She smirks as she lets her hair down, just as Sonny enters.

Liz waits for a repairman as Ewen shows up at her house. Lulu calls and tells her about Robin. Ewen tends to a devastated Elizabeth, who thinks she should have been there to help. She wonders how the night would have played out had Maxie not gotten her suspended. Ewen says survivor's guilt is perfectly natural.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Patrick talks to Emma.

Holly talks of the past.

Shawn has a revelation in front of Carly.

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