Flawless Timing English.

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Holly returns, Patrick operates on Jason and Spinelli breaks the news to Maxie.

Flawless Timing English. image

On the side of the road, Michael updates Dante on the people in the car, as Starr lies passed out. Dante calls for help as Michael continues to try to get Hope and Cole out. Dante screams out for his brother as the car goes over the side. Michael is devastated he couldn't save them, but Dante tells him there's nothing he could have done. They see the car explode. Michael picks up an unconscious Starr and carries her away to the hospital, as Mac arrives. Dante discovers that the other car on the road belongs to Anthony. Mac realizes his tires have been shot out and jumps to the conclusion that it was Sonny. Dante reminds him even his mobster father is innocent until proven guilty.


Michael carries Starr into the E.R. and fills Epiphany in on what happened. Michael looks for Starr's ID and finds her driver's license and photo of with Cole and Hope. Michael blames himself, but Epiphany knows he did everything he could. Michael promises a comatose Starr he will find out who is responsible.


In the O.R., Jason tells Patrick to thank Robin for him. As Jason is put under, Patrick sees a vision of Robin in the room. Robin knows Patrick is going to let Jason die on the table. Patrick doesn’t think Jason gets to live when Robin didn't. Robin urges Patrick not to tank the operation, but Patrick points out the procedure is tricky so the board wouldn't question him. Robin reminds him he is not a killer, but a healer. He doesn't know what he is without her. Robin says he is a father and Emma needs him. Robin urges him not to throw his life away and end up in the bottom of a bottle. Patrick sees the appeal in that. Jason stars to crash.


Sonny meets with Sam in the hospital lobby. She tells him Patrick is the only surgeon qualified to do Jason's surgery, but she's worried because he just lost his wife. Sam relays that Jason doesn’t know about Robin. Sonny tears up as talks about his past with Robin and how she made it easier for him to deal with Stone's death. He loved her like a little sister. Sam asks why he let Jason into the business after losing Stone. Sonny couldn't stop Jason and recalls how he, Jason and Robin became a like a family. He shares more memories of the past and cries over never seeing Robin's beautiful smile again. Sam explains how she had to use her baby to try and change Patrick's mind about operating on Jason. Sonny is surprised to hear the news and congratulates her on her pregnancy. Sonny knows Patrick will save Jason for Robin. After Sonny has walked away, Patrick steps off the elevator and walks over to Sam.


At Wyndemere, Luke tries to reason Helena away from killing Ethan, but Helena wants Luke to suffer like she has. As Helena is about to shoot Ethan, Holly bursts in urging her to stop. Luke notes his English has flawless timing. Holly stands in front of Ethan so Helena can't shoot her son. Holly is updated on the situation, but tells Helena she won't get her vengeance through Ethan because he isn't Luke's son. He's Robert's. Helena doesn’t believe her, but Holly insists to everyone it's true and declares the DNA tests were doctored.


At the apartment, Spinelli delicately tries to tell Maxie about Robin, but she blurts out that he has to move out. She rambles on about trying to work things out with Matt. When she's finished, Spinelli softly tells her that Robin was killed. Maxie won't believe him and tells him to be gone when she returns to the room. Spinelli stays and shows Maxie a news report on the laptop. Maxie falls apart, as Spinelli consoles her.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Michael feels responsible.

Robert comes home.

Ewen and Liz have a heart to heart.

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