Please Forgive Me.

Monday, February 27th, 2012

Patrick keeps Jason in the dark, Starr is desperate, and Cassandra is no match for her mother.

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At home, Lulu and Dante discuss the complicated ways of their fathers. Michael stops by and tells Dante Sonny left he ER. Dante leaves with Michael to find Sonny. Lulu calls Lucky to tell him about Robin.


After getting into a crash, Starr wakes up in the car and finds Cole passed out. Starr tries to reassure her daughter, who is awake in the back seat, as their car teeters over an edge. Starr carefully gets out of the car and yells for help, as Anthony lies unconscious in his car across the street. Cole jolts awake and they try to carefully get the car door open. Cole says he's trapped. Starr runs to Anthony, who has gotten out of his car, and begs him help. He says he can't, but she should talk to Sonny Corinthos, who shot out his tires, causing the accident. He lets her use his phone to call 911 and then says he has to go. When he hears tires squealing, he thinks it's Sonny and takes off. Starr runs to the car, as Dante and Michael come on the scene. Starr urgently tells Michael about her boyfriend and daughter in the car. He promises to help her. Michael races to the car and finds Cole passed out. He tries to open the door, but the car starts to topple over the edge. Dante yells out for Michael.


At Wyndemere, Helena instructs Cassandra to kill Ethan. When Cassandra refuses, Helena threatens her daughter. Ethan tells his love to do it because it's her only chance. Cassandra agrees and takes the gun. She points at Ethan, but then turns it on Helena and shoots at her. Helena laughs informing her there are blanks in the gun. It was a test and she knew Cassandra would fail. Helena tells her goon to kill Cassandra. He shoots Cassandra and she falls to the ground. Ethan runs to her and yells out at Helena as Cassandra dies. Luke is disgusted by Helena killing her own kid. Helena says her daughter was a disappointment from the moment she was born. Helena has Ethan tied to a chair. Ethan tearfully tells Luke how much he's enjoyed being his son. Luke in turn tells Dodge he's the most like him of all his kids. He does him proud. Helena tells Luke his soft spot for family is making this a fitting end. She points her gun at Ethan as Luke's eyes widen.


Mac drops by Maxie's place but only finds Spinelli, who would be happy to relay a message to her. Mac says he can't because she has to hear that Robin is dead from him. Spinelli is stunned and the men have a nice moment letting each other know how much Maxie will need both of them.


Maxie wakes Matt up in his bed at the Metro Court. They debate why they can't be together and Maxie vows to make things right somehow. Matt hands her his phone to call Monica and retract her statement about Liz. Maxie can't get through to her so she leaves a message. Matt isn't impressed and declares he's tired of her games. Maxie wants them to work, so Matt dares her to tell Spinelli to move out. Spinelli calls, but Maxie won't pick up. She has to tell him to move out in person. After Maxie has left, Matt has a flashback to the boat party.

After Mac and Spinelli fail to get hold of Maxie, Mac recalls how Spinelli was there for Maxie after Georgie died. Mac asks him to tell Maxie about Robin in case she hasn't heard yet when she comes home. Spinelli vows to be there for his Maximista. After Mac has left, Maxie returns home.


Sam tearfully thanks Patrick for agreeing to help Jason in the hospital hallway, but she asks him not to tell him about Robin. Jason can't believe she wants him to protect Jason's feelings considering his wife is dead because of him. He says, "You don't stop. Do you?"


Jason wakes up in his hospital room to find Robin standing over him. However, it turns out to be a dream as Monica wakes him up because he was talking in his sleep. Patrick enters and talks about how much time Robin has put into finding Jason a cure and that he hopes Jason appreciates all she's given up for him. However, he doesn't tell him she's dead, but infers she's home with Emma. Jason calls Robin and leaves a message thanking her for all she's done for him. As Jason is wheeled into surgery, Sam thanks Patrick. He retorts, "Don't thank me yet." He touches his wedding ring, as a vision of Robin stands nearby. He says, "Please forgive me."

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Holly arrives.

Maxie refuses to believe Spinelli.

Jason's life is in Patrick's hands.

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