Bring Him!

Friday, February 24th, 2012

Helena reveals all, Anna appeals to Patrick, and Starr and Cole drive through Port Charles.

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Ewen carefully approaches Kate on the pier, offering his assistance as a doctor. Kate introduces herself and looks at her dress. Freaked out, she wonders why she's wearing her bloody wedding gown. Ewen wonders the same thing, as well as why she's on the pier alone. Kate doesn’t know. She explains the blood on her dress is from an old wound, but her boyfriend got shot tonight. Ewen asks if she remembers how it happened. Kate doesn’t know what happened tonight. She admits she loses track of time and can't recall things. She finds notes with names and phone numbers and this one time…Ewen wants to take her to the hospital, but she runs off.


Anna tries to reason with Patrick regarding Jason near the hub. She reminds him he is a doctor and that Robin would never forgive him if he let Jason die. She says they all loved Robin and they have to find ways to honor that. She adds, "You know what she would want." Anna walks away to call the agency about Robert, leaving Patrick to look at Jason's medication.


Michael finds Sam near Jason's hospital room. Sam tells him Jason doesn't know about Robin yet. She explains why Patrick won't help save Jason. Michael grows angry, but thinks he can reason with Patrick because he understands what it's like to lose someone you love. Sam doesn't think that's a good idea and suggests they just pray Patrick changes his mind. Michael leaves as Patrick steps off the elevator. He says he'll help Jason because that's what Robin would want.


Helena emerges from the Wyndemere tunnels with a knife. She says it's time to reveal her game. She urges Cassandra to tell Ethan what they are really doing there. Ethan remains protective of Cassandra, until she is forced to admit she is a Cassadine. In fact, she is Helena's daughter. She explains she was held captive for years and only knows what Helena has told her. She turned to Ewen for help to remember everything else and he followed her to Port Charles. She adds Helena instructed her to make Ethan fall in love with her. Ethan grows angry, but she insists she fell in love with him for real. She kept up the lie to keep him safe. Ethan knows there more to the story. Helena notes Ethan is very perceptive and says, "Bring him." Two goons drag Luke out from the tunnels. One of the goons holds Ethan back as he tries to get to his father. Luke demands to know what Helena is working up to. She retorts, "It's time for one of you to die."


Dante returns to the loft and fills Lulu in on Sonny getting shot after pushing him out of the way. He says he always thought of Sonny as a mobster first and his father second. That changed tonight. He then tells her about Robin. He says it made him realize how much he loves Lulu and how lucky he is to have her in his life. He holds her as he looks at his badge across the room.


Sonny shows up at the Quartermaine mansion and pulls a gun on Anthony. Zacchara urges him to kill him – right in front of his wife because she will testify against him and send him to prison. Sonny isn't so sure Tracy would do that. Tracy talks Sonny down. Sonny lowers his gun and says this could have been the answer to all her problems. Tracy orders Sonny out. After he leaves, a stunned Anthony asks Tracy why she took such a big chance for him. She didn’t want to have to explain the blood stains to Monica. She still wants him out of her life though. Anthony announces he's heading to the airport, but won't tell her where he's going. He fully intends on repaying her kindness though. She asks for a divorce. He laughs it off.


Starr, Cole and Hope drive from the airport on their way back from Los Angeles. They note the Llanview airport was closed. Starr wonders what Port Charles is like, as they drive through. Cole hopes no one recognizes him and mentions they're only returning because of what's happening with her father Todd. Cole brings up getting married, but Starr doesn't know how that would work since he's supposed to be dead. Cole got a second chance and he doesn’t want to waste it. He wants them to be husband and wife. Starr doesn’t know what to say. Cole suggests she say yes. As they debate it, Anthony drives and thinks Sonny is following him. He loses control, as Starr and Cole scream as they start to swerve.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Jason gets a "visitor" at the hospital.

A bound Luke watches Helena.

Spinelli tries to talk to Maxie about Robin.

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