Friday, February 17th, 2012

Patrick's in trouble, Maxie lashes out, and Sonny outs Johnny's secret.

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Monica books an O.R. at the hospital for Jason and tells Patrick to be ready at any moment. Later, Anna shows up with Emma looking for Robin and Patrick. Epiphany pages Patrick, but he doesn't answer. Anna and Emma head off to get Emma a hot dog.


In the lab, Maxie explains to Robin what she did to Liz. She thinks it's really Matt's fault and asks Robin to go to the benefit with her. Robin tells Maxie her mother is in town and if she weren't so busy with work she would be spending time with Anna. Even if she could go to the party, she can't make things right between her and Matt. Maxie is incensed, calls Robin selfish and then storms off. In the process, Maxie unknowingly turns on a gas line. Monica stops by to see if Robin needs anything. Robin gives her an update on her work and hopes to have an answer tonight. Monica tells her the O.R. is ready just in case. Monica adds that she always thought Robin would be the one to save Jason. Just not this way.


As Jason and Sam wait for Robin's latest results in his hospital room, they talk about their baby. Jason wants to discuss what happens if he dies, but Sam won't let him because she knows Robin will save him. Sam gets a cramp and Jason helps her to a chair. Sam regroups and Monica pops in. She congratulates Sam on her pregnancy, musing she will be a great mother. Sam leaves mother and son alone. Monica tells Jason the swelling in his brain has worsened. Jason asks Monica to be Sam and his baby's family if he doesn't make it. Monica wouldn't have in any other way. Jason asks if she has any movies of him when he was a baby. Monica doesn't because he was still with his biological mother Susan then.


Patrick returns to the hub and Epiphany tells him Anna and Emma are in the cafeteria. Sam finds Patrick and asks if Jason can go home. Patrick says it's a bad idea because he might not survive if he has another seizure. Later, Robin emerges from the lab and finds Anna and Emma back in the waiting area. She tells them she's just taking a break and can't leave the hospital, but would love for them to distract her for a bit.


Patrick enters the lab, but finds it empty. He starts to cough and notices the gas is on. He lunges for it, knocking vials over as he falls to the floor.


At the benefit, Matt runs into Liz who is supposed to meet Ewen. Matt drinks and remains disdainful of the psychiatrist. Liz reminds Matt what happened on the party boat when he drank too much. Matt doesn’t think them almost kissing would be such a bad thing. Matt follows Liz out to the lobby as Liz tries to track down a missing Ewen. They talk about Maxie, as she appears and gets into it with them. Back inside the party, Shawn talks to Carly about TJ. She looks at Johnny as she says, with a little support anyone can change their life. At the same time, Maggie and Steve enter. They tell Olivia Maggie's date got held up. Meanwhile, Tracy arrives with Anthony, and Alexis sees Diane and Mac on a date together. Max takes note of Diane as well. Kate calls for the room's attention, but Carly interrupts her speech welcoming everyone. Sonny then makes his own speech about Dante getting shot and how GH saved his life. He wants other parents to receive the same miracle. He announces that the benefit is in Dante's honor. A drunk Johnny offers to donate $3 million dollars and he doesn't even like Dante. Sonny won't take his money and the men argue. Sonny won't let Johnny ruin his night and outs the truth about Johnny's parentage to the whole room. Johnny leaves, as a fuming Anthony threatens Sonny. When Sonny tries to talk to Kate, she recoils from his touch. Olivia and Dante lash out at Sonny for his behavior. Kate walks up to him, but Sonny brushes her off because he can't talk right now. Kate vents to Olivia about how stupid she was to think she could make it work with him.


Sonny follows Dante to the garage. The men argue as someone watches. Dante tells Sonny he is dead to him, as a gloved hand aims a gun at them.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Carly searches for Johnny.

Michael finds the party at the lake house.

Robin's exit story begins to unfold.

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