In No Hurry To Leave.

Monday, February 13th, 2012

Carly and Johnny have some fun, Kate gets a strange call, and Maxie rats out Liz.

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Kate gets a shock when she finds Sonny waiting for her in her office. She lashes out at him for not trusting her and for his threats against Jax. Sonny tells her he can let go of his fixation on Jax because she's more important to him. Kate gets a call, but no one is on the other end. Sonny asks if they are okay. Kate doesn’t know because they have a problem – she is falling in love with him all over again. They make up and make plans to see each other later. Sonny leaves and Kate gets a call. Freaked out, she asks the person to repeat the name of whom they are calling. She then asks how they got her number.


At Kelly's, Ewen and Liz make plans to go to the pulmonary research benefit. Matt walks in and Ewen leaves the two alone. Matt asks Liz to go to the benefit with him. Liz laughs because she just got asked out twice in the last half hour. Matt tries to convince her to dump Ewen in favor of him, but Liz wants to go out with the psychiatrist. Matt says he and Maxie broke up for good this time because she kept coming between them. Liz defends Maxie, but she also won't be his rebound girl. Liz has to get back to work and Matt offers to drive her. Ewen tells Liz he'll call about the benefit. At the counter, Shawn talks to Michael. They discuss Carly and then Shawn learns Michael is supposed to be meeting an academic counselor, but he didn't show. Shawn tells him he is that guy. Shawn says they can leave their issues at the door so he can help him with college. Michael will think about it.


Carly puts on the brakes when things heat up with Johnny at the penthouse. Johnny tries to change her mind, but Carly won't start a war between him and Sonny. She's caused enough problems as it is. Johnny wonders what that means. She talks about the bad blood between Sonny and Jax. Carly thinks she should go, but Johnny points out she hasn't made any moves toward the door. They have a glass of wine and start kissing again, until Michael comes knocking on the door. Johnny laughs as Carly pushes him off her. Carly hides as Michael enters and talks to Johnny about Abby and enrolling at PCU because that's what Abby wanted. He sees a woman's shoes on the floor and apologizes for interrupting him. Michael leaves as Carly returns appreciative that Johnny has been so great with Michael and that her son is going to college. Johnny is happy for both Michael and Carly even if it spoiled their plans. After Carly leaves Johnny's, she listens to her voicemail message from Shawn asking her to go to the benefit with him.


Maxie tells Monica at the hospital that Elizabeth stole drugs from General Hospital for Lucky. Monica asks if she has proof. Maxie replies that Liz confessed to her. Monica doesn't necessarily believe her and questions her motives. Maxie just wanted to do the right thing, but feels bad Liz will have to pay for what she did. Monica will look into it. Later, after Mat and Liz return to the hospital, Monica tells Liz they need to talk. Meanwhile, Maxie sees Matt and guilty scurries off.

Sam panics at the penthouse when she finds Jason passed out on the floor. Jason comes to and Sam insists on taking him to the hospital.


Patrick runs into Mac at the hospital. He asks him to come over to enjoy his surprise for Robin. He only tells Mac that it's tomorrow and he wants to have a family dinner night. He implores him to bring Maxie as well, because he's been working on this surprise for a while. Mac wonders what the big deal is. Patrick reminds him how tough the past few months have been and he doesn't want to take things for granted. Mac is happy to hear Patrick is finally appreciating his niece.


Sam brings Jason to the ER. Patrick checks on him and tells him his condition is inoperable.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Anna returns to Port Charles.

Matt learns of Liz's suspension.

Carly and Kate struggle for control.

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