Played A Little Pool.

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

Mac and Diane have a spring in their step, TJ and Molly help each other in different ways, and Carly reels from Kate's news.

Played A Little Pool. image

Shawn brings TJ to the lake house to study with Molly. Molly and TJ head upstairs as Diane stops by and meets Shawn. Diane expresses her approval. After he leaves, Diane gives Alexis a book on menopause. Alexis has read them all. She just wants a cure. Diane reminds Alexis she is only as old as she feels. Alexis feels 110. Diane says she feels 25, which might have something to do with last night. Diane urges Alexis to loosen up and then explains how she took Mac home - to bed - last night after Jake's. Alexis quizzes Diane, who simply says she just seized the moment. Alexis warns her not to hurt Mac, but Diane thinks he appreciated that she took advantage. Upstairs, Molly gives TJ a recording of "The Catcher in the Rye" so he can keep up with his homework. They discuss the book and he thanks her for downloading it for him. Molly talks about wanting to be different and wishes she could be older so she would feel comfortable in her own skin. TJ hands her a magazine and says she can do that right now. He morphs her photo on her laptop into different looks and asks her to give the images names and characteristics. Alexis pops her head in and Molly slams her laptop shut. After TJ leaves, Molly smiles as she looks at the photos TJ made of her.


At the Metro Court, Carly is none too pleased to learn Jax signed over his half of the hotel to Kate. Kate assures her it was Jax's idea and it's all legal. Olivia finds the women fighting and learns Kate is her new boss. Carly wonders how Sonny took the news. Shawn shows up and pulls Carly aside, while Olivia realizes Kate hasn't told Sonny yet that she saw Jax. Olivia warns he will feel betrayed. Across the way, Carly vents to Shawn about what Jax did. He suggests Jax is just cutting ties with everyone in Port Charles and it's time for Carly to sign the divorce papers. He then asks if Carly has any chores for TJ to do so he can make up for scamming the guests. Carly slyly thinks she can think of something he can help her new partner Kate with. Carly returns to taunt Kate about telling Sonny. Kate grabs Carly, ordering her not to threaten her. Carly notes how jumpy she is assuming Kate knows Sonny will feel betrayed.


Robin asks Maggie about her and Steve's past at the hospital. Robin knows they have a history because she's seen the way they look at each other. As Robin walks over to talk with Mac, Maggie finds a frustrated Steve, who vents about a patient. Maggie urges him not to go off the rails because Robin is already asking about their personal relationship. Steve grows concerned and wonders if they should just give themselves up. Maggie makes a case for why they shouldn't and recommends they focus on the life they saved. Steve counters, "Instead of the one we took?" She offers to always listen to him if he needs to talk. Meanwhile, Robin and Mac discuss her good news. Robin talks about trying new things because she has nothing to lose. Mac smirks and says he knows something about that. Robin asks what he did. Mac chuckles and says, "Played a little pool."


Ethan enters Wyndemere and starts flirting with Cassandra. He pulls out a blindfold so she can engage in a sense memory exercise. She doesn't want to wear the blindfold but he encourages her to put it on and try the different foods he brought for her. They hear a noise and Ethan gets up to check out the tunnels. Cassandra panics and stops him by saying she remembered something. He gives her another bite of the food and she talks about a market she might have been to in India. She says she feels sad and has no idea why, as she tears up. Ethan hugs her. She tells him she feels safe with him. Ethan assures her she is and he's not going anywhere.


Jason and Sam enjoy some time at the cabin. She feels at peace and Jason assures her she's safe. Sam wants to make sure everything is okay with him too. As they talk about the future with their baby, they kiss. Jason picks her up and brings her to the bed. He asks if she's okay. She tells him she is very okay. Later, Jason pulls out some food he bought for them and Sam runs to bathroom to throw up.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Patrick, Robin and Emma visit the site of their dream house.

News of Jax spills out.

Johnny loses it on Anthony.

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