It's Ours.

Monday, February 6th, 2012

Jason and Sam get the results, Kate acts suspiciously with Sonny, and more about Cassandra is revealed.

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Ewen boards the Haunted Star looking for Cassandra. Ethan relays that he left her at Wyndemere and she's fine. They discuss the possible meaning behind Cassandra's fixation on the letters I and C. Ethan suggests the C means Cassadine.


Spinelli kisses Maxie at the hospital pretending to help her make Matt jealous, but he knows Matt doesn't see them. Maxie plays up the lie that she spent the night at the movies with Spinelli, but Matt turns the tables by telling her he had dinner with Liz last night. He then calls her out for playing games with him. She admits it but says she only does it because she cares. As Matt and Maxie argue, Liz and Spinelli question each other on their intentions for Matt and Maxie respectively. Spinelli then tells Liz he's investigating Cassandra, who is living with her doctor Ewen at Wyndemere. Taken aback by this information, Liz admits weird things do happen out there. Spinelli asks if she's figured out who saved her when she washed ashore on Spoon Island. They muse on why the man would leave her without revealing his identity. Meanwhile, Matt and Maxie decide to be completely honest with each other. Matt gets paged away, but warns Maxie he wants to know why Anthony is suddenly her best friend before he walks away. Ewen shows up and Liz asks him to go to the art opening with her. He says yes and she has a flashback of being rescued.


At Wyndemere, Helena reminds Cassandra she gave her every advantage. Cassandra retorts that she made her an assassin. They make cryptic remarks about Helena holding Cassandra in her reserve until the right moment. Cassandra wonders if she's really going through with her plan, reminding her it was supposed to be Lucky, but he's gone. Helena makes statements about targeting Luke for all he's done to her children. They talk about Laura and how love makes men stupid and weak. She adds, that's when they will make their kill. Cassandra warns Helena that Luke is suspicious, but Helena threatens she better not let him figure out what's going on. She orders her to play her part and play it well. She asks how her therapy is going with Ewen. Cassandra informs her he still has no idea. Helena reminds a lippy Cassandra she is there to take revenge on Stavros' enemies. She orders her to play Ethan for all he's worth and to lure him into the trap he so richly deserves. Helena leaves, as Cassandra throws something in frustration and cries.


Kelly tells Jason and Sam at home the baby looks healthy. They ask about the paternity and Kelly says the baby shares genetic markers with Jason. Sam tears up as Jason breathes a sigh of relief. They embrace as Sam says, "It's ours." Kelly congratulates them and then offers to tell them the sex of their baby. Jason leaves it up to Sam, who doesn't want to know. All that matters is that Jason is the father. After Kelly leaves, Sam runs into Jason's arms. He tells her she never has to think of that night ever again because the baby is theirs. Sam beams as she puts Jason's hand on her stomach. Sam thinks they should be preparing for the baby, but Jason just wants to sit there with her.

Sonny surprises Kate when she sneaks back into the hotel room. She says she couldn't sleep and went down to the bar for a drink. He brings up her therapy and says she can come to him for anything. She jokes they'll become a couple who over shares. Sonny quips they could be a threesome: Him, her and Connie. Kate grows serious and tells him to decide who he wants to be with: Her or Connie. Sonny wants whoever is standing in front of him. She apologizes for being so defensive and they make up. Kate brings up the pulmonary wing Sonny is donating to in Dante's name and shows him the invitations and menu she's made up for the event. As she looks through her notes, she sees a napkin with Mark's name and a number to call him. Kate is rattled, but then snaps back to her conversation with Sonny about his relationship with Dante. Kate then says they have to go home. Right now. Sonny thinks they should stay and have fun at the hotel, but when he suggests they pretend they are strangers just meeting for the first time, she gets angry again. She calms down and makes a case for going home. When Sonny leaves the room, Kate frantically looks at the note on a bar napkin.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Robin gets her results.

Kate has news for Carly.

Lulu takes a job.

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