The Number One Topic Of Conversation.

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

Kate opens up to Sonny, Mac tries to numb the pain, and Delores is attacked.

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At the penthouse, Sam tells Jason that waiting until tomorrow for the paternity results will be excruciating for her. Jason holds her as she expresses her fears over the pregnancy. Jason suggests they take it one step at a time and they will deal with the results when they get them. Sam gets a call from Kelly, who stops by with the results.


Diane gives Alexis a pep talk at Jake's about going through menopause. She encourages her to go to the bar and talk to Mac, who is leaving a message for Robin. Mac tells his niece he doesn't care if he's hovering. He just wants to know she's okay. Dante and Lulu say goodbye to Mac, who tells them to enjoy every minute of their life together. He downs his drink and orders another as Diane drags him over to Alexis. Diane tries to get the two of them chatting and Alexis heads to the bar. Coleman thinks there's a spark between her and Mac because she's blushing. She corrects him saying she's flushing. Coleman believes Mac is everything Alexis has been looking for but didn't know it. Coleman calls last call and then suggests he, Alexis, Diane and Mac have a rematch of strip pool. Diane tells him to rack 'em up. Alexis wants to leave, but Diane forces her to stay. After a drunken Mac gets down to his underwear, Diane notes he needs help getting home. Alexis tells Diane she's in no condition to take care of him. Diane takes Mac home and Coleman whispers to Alexis that she blew it.


A man grabs Delores outside Jake's. A car comes by and the man runs away after throwing Delores to the ground. As Dante and Lulu walk out of the bar, they find Padilla. She tells them it was the stripper attacker.

Olivia confronts Steve at the hospital about what's going on with him and Maggie. Maggie intervenes, saying she tried to see if there was anything still between them, but he turned her down. Olivia informs Steve she doesn't want to be with him if he's interested in Maggie, so he needs to let her know. Maggie apologizes for causing trouble and hopes she and Olivia can get past this. After she walks away, Olivia says she wants Steve to be hers, but she's not sure he is. She sees Dante and Lulu bringing Delores in. As Delores gets checked out, Olivia expresses her concerns over Delores' intentions towards Dante. Meanwhile, Maggie explains to Steve it's better for Olivia to think there's something going on between them than for her to know the truth.


In Chicago, Kate eventually admits to Sonny the man she has been meeting is a psychiatrist. Sonny wonders why she's been lying to him about it. She gets emotional as she explains how filled with fear she is. He wonders if her shrink knows about him. She responds that he is the number one topic of conversation. She tells him she's conflicted about things. Sonny wants them to work out but he doesn't want to be the reason she's in pain. She wants it to work between them and move on from the past, but it's difficult. They kiss and after Sonny falls asleep, Kate dresses up and heads out.


Ethan brings Cassandra to the Haunted Star. He gives her the history of the place and how he met Luke when he tried to rob it. He explains he brought her there to take her mind off things. He confesses he's falling in love with her. She urges him to stop because she is unstable. Ethan doesn't think who they were in the past matters. He wants to start over together. Ethan gets a message and says he has to go. She promises to be there when he gets back, but she's gone when Ethan returns.

Cassandra returns to Wyndemere where she encounters Helena, who is holding a knife.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Sonny is surprised to find Kate returning in the middle of the night.

Matt isn't fazed by Maxie's games.

Ethan is briefed on Cassandra's past.

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