Congratulations! It's Menopause.

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Diane diagnoses Alexis, Sonny confronts Kate, and Lulu ponders a new job opportunity.

Congratulations! It's Menopause. image

At the hospital, Robin tells Patrick she wants to put their new house plans on hold until they find out her results. Patrick tries to boost her confidence, as Mac angrily walks in to confront his niece about her health issues. She apologizes for not telling him. Mac responds that he would have and should have been there for her. She's hugs him in apology.


Elsewhere at the hospital, a happy Steve and Olivia walk in after a day spent at an indoor water park. Maggie greets them looking for Steve's assistance with her patient. Olivia gets catty and the women exchange words as Steve silently looks on. Olivia heads to the elevator and Maggie watches as Steve kisses her goodbye. Steve then has a heated conversation with Maggie about their past. She reminds him people are still asking questions about it. They agree there are no regrets, but Steve wants to tell Olivia. Maggie warns him against it.


Carly stops by Johnny's garage and finds him sitting on the floor drunk. Carly tries to console him despite his surly attitude. He stands close to her and kisses her, as Olivia walks in. Carly urges Johnny to take care of himself and leaves. Olivia tells Johnny he's playing with fire going after Sonny's ex. As they talk, she gets dizzy. She blows it off and then starts ranting about Maggie and Steve. Johnny makes some rude remarks. Olivia tells him she's not his punching bag so he should find someone else to beat up.

Olivia returns to the hospital and witnesses a close moment between Steve and Maggie. She demands to know what is going on between them.


Ewen enters Kelly's and asks Shawn if he's seen Cassandra. He hasn't. Ewen questions him about Ethan. Shawn doesn’t feel he would take advantage of the mystery woman. After Ewen has left, Carly walks in. Shawn tells her he got a call from a school about a job and assumes she had something to do with it. Carly insists she didn't. He brings up Johnny and she says there's nothing to worry about. She tells him Josslyn misses him. He misses her too. Carly says he should come by and tell her himself. He says they could go out afterwards then.


Coleman greets Dante and Lulu as they have a drink at Jake's. Delores enters. She tells the couple her husband Eddie will be joining them soon. Diane and Alexis saddle up to the bar. Alexis is cranky because she is hungry, tired and doesn't want to be there. Alexis asks for some water with a lot of ice. She details all her recent symptoms – sweating, irritability, insomnia - leading Diane to worry about her. Alexis shouts that she's fine. After more probing, Diane deduces the Alexis is going through menopause. She giddily tells Alexis this is a good thing because now it frees her of pregnancy scares. It also frees her up to sleep with Sonny again without fear of getting pregnant. They note he probably would be the only one who could get around menopause. Mac shows up as Diane tells Alexis she can now have mad passionate sex with anyone. Ewen enters asking about Cassandra. Dante sees him and talks to him about his profile of their suspect. Ewen adds to it saying on some level the man wants to get caught. Delores gets a call from Eddie and angrily talks to him in Spanish. Ewen looks skittish and takes off. Delores tells Dante and Lulu Eddie isn't coming. She pulls out a job posting for a file clerk at the department she was going to give to Eddie. She leaves it behind as she leaves. Lulu picks up the posting.

Someone hides as Delores walks to the alley.


As Kate enters her hotel room, she gets a call from Sonny. She lies about being in Palm Beach, as Sonny walks in the door. Sonny wants to know what the hell is going on. Kate makes excuses, but Sonny grows angry over Kate hiding something from him. She goes on a rant about hiding for years behind her Kate Howard façade. Sonny understand all that, but they're talking about mutual respect. He demands to know what she's doing in Chicago. She gets emotional and says she will tell him the truth. She came to Chicago to meet with a guy.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Cassandra has a wow moment.

Lulu considers a job at the PCPD.

Sonny threatens a man in Kate's life.

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