How About A Pasta Maker Instead?

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Dante turns down Sonny's offer, Molly tries to help TJ, and Alexis gets flustered.

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In his office, Sonny offers to make a donation to the pulmonary wing of the hospital in his and Lulu's name as a wedding gift. Dante suggests Sonny get them a pasta maker instead. Dante reminds his father he's a cop so he can't be linked to anything Sonny does. Sonny just wants to do something meaningful for him and his bride. Dante tells him to quit the business then. That way, Dante won't have to keep tabs on him and Sonny can just be his father. Sonny thinks they should put their jobs aside and just be a family. Dante retorts that idea is good in theory, but not so much in reality. Kate shows up and Dante leaves. Kate tells Sonny she's going out of town again to Palm Beach. Sonny looks doubtful, but passionately kisses her. After she leaves, Sonny puts a tail on her.


Matt catches Elizabeth looking through Jason's file at the hospital. Clearly rattled, Matt offers to listen if she needs to talk about anything. Ewen shows up suggesting another trip to the supply closet for Liz. Matt is disdainful when they explain the therapy Ewen is trying with Liz. Maxie calls Matt to ask him to the office, where Spinelli is ready to help make him jealous. Matt leaves, as Ewen and Liz talk about their painting. Ewen admits he hasn't picked up a brush in weeks because he's becoming obsessed with helping a patient. Liz suggests he take a turn in the supply closet, but Ewen declares the physician can't heal himself. He asks her to go to an art exhibit and she agrees to it. He gives her the information and says, "Hope you can make it." Liz looks confused.


At Kelly's, Molly tries to talk to TJ about his trouble with reading. Shawn overhears them, but Molly covers for the teen. After Shawn walks away, TJ asks her to keep his secret. She agrees if he'll let her help him read properly. Lulu runs in, as Dante follows. He tells her about Sonny's offer, as TJ stops by their table to flirt with Lulu. They chuckle and Shawn shoos him away. Lulu tells Dante she was about to ask Kate for her job back, but she went all diva on her. Ewen enters and tells Dante he thinks the perp had a pattern of assaulting women before he came to town. Back at the counter, TJ tells Molly if she can talk Shawn into getting him a laptop or tablet, he'll let her help him. She doesn't go for it and gives him a book to read out loud to her. TJ struggles through it and then Molly gets an idea and rushes out. TJ opens her laptop.


Matt walks arrives at Crimson. Spinelli leaves after he and Maxie pretend like they're having a great time. Maxie asks Matt to sign a release for their photo shoot and then apologizes for her and Spinelli's moment. Matt is fine with it. She asks him to do something later that night, but Matt has research to do. She says she'll just spend the night with Spinelli watching movies in her pajamas. Matt again is fine with that and leaves, as Maxie smirks. A disappointed Spinelli returns to Maxie gushing about how jealous they made Matt.

Back at the hospital, Matt's patient postpones their meeting over the phone. Matt tells Liz he is eager to meet the patient because he wants to see if his research can help. He then asks Liz to dinner.


At home, Jason tells Sam about his brain swelling. She asks if he has to have another surgery. Jason replies they don't know yet, so they shouldn't worry. They move on to talking about Sam's pregnancy. Jason tells her he loves her no matter what happens and nothing will change that. Sam gets a call from the hospital. Kelly will meet them tomorrow with the paternity test results.


Michael visits Edward and Tracy at ELQ. After some talk about Abby, Michael offers to help with a deal he previously worked on. He also gives them a suggestion on stock he thinks they should by. Edward wants him back at the company. Michael will think about it.


Alexis stops by the precinct and talks with Mac, who is still bothered by Maxie's love life. Alexis says he can't control who people love, but Mac doesn’t understand how Maxie could love either Matt or Spinelli. Alexis reveals she's there on business for Sonny and they launch into a conversation about her working for him again. He asks if it would be a conflict of interest if she went out for a drink with him while representing Sonny. She gets flustered and runs out saying she'll call him.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Olivia interrupts Johnny and Carly.

Alexis and Diane get drunk with Coleman.

Robin has a conversation with Mac.

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