That Character Isn't In The Book.

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

Molly discovers something about TJ, Luke runs into trouble, and Carly defends Johnny.

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Johnny walks into the PCPD looking for answers on the stripper case. He wants answers so he can get back to running his business. As Johnny starts to walk out, he overhears Delores talking to her husband on the phone about him losing another construction job. After she hangs up, Johnny says he can help her with her rent because he knows the guy who owns her building. Johnny leaves and Ewen enters to share his profile of the stripper attacker with Dante, Delores and Ronnie. He concludes the dead guy was not the perp. He thinks the man they are looking for is far more cunning and could be standing right next to them without them even knowing it. Ewen thinks he left his phone at the coffee shop and leaves. Ronnie doesn't think Ewen's insight was helpful, but Delores and Dante disagree. After Ronnie walks away, Dante questions Delores about her sister. He warns there's a thin line between vengeance and justice and mistakes can be made. Dante suggests he and Lulu and Delores and her husband go out to get to know each other better. She half heartedly agrees.


Carly confronts Sonny at the restaurant about making their kids a target by going after Johnny. Sonny wonders when she and Johnny became buddies after she defends him. Alexis walks in to hear Carly lash out about Sonny putting their kids in danger. Carly leaves and Sonny assures Alexis none of his children are at risk. Alexis isn't convinced but then Dante enters so Sonny can make him an offer he can't refuse.


Back at Kelly's, Molly talks up the ideas she has for a sustainability club she wants to start at school. TJ thinks that's exactly why she only has five MyFace friends. Carly enters and sits with Shawn at the counter. They talk about TJ and Shawn wonders if he is capable of giving him the support system he needs. Carly thinks it's great he's just being present for him. Later, Shawn catches Carly calling Johnny, as Molly and TJ discuss the book he is supposed to be reading. When TJ answers her question about a character who isn't in the book, Molly assumes he can't read.


Mac summons Spinelli to the interrogation room to confront him about rooming with Maxie. He orders that she is off limits. Mac isn't crazy about Matt, but he's an improvement over him. Spinelli defends his love and loyalty to Maxie, especially in relation to Matt, before leaving.


From her office, Tracy makes a call for an extended stay at the Metro Court, but learns Anthony's card has been declined. Anthony walks in and Tracy tells him she won't stay in the boat house so she needs another credit card from him. Johnny shows up and informs Tracy Anthony is broke because he cut him off. He also tells Tracy who his real parents are and that he is staking his claim to the money Gino left behind. Tracy stalks off as Anthony warns his son about going up against the Soleito family.


Ethan and Cassandra have a glass of wine with lunch at Wyndemere. Luke interrupts them as they canoodle. Luke fills Cassandra in on all those who have lost their lives on the island. He also warns her about Helena. Cassandra likes the mystery of it and leaves father and son alone. Luke suggests Ethan learn more about his mystery woman. Ethan feels he knows everything there is to know about her, but Luke seriously doubts that. Luke warns people don't block out happy memories. Just darkness and despair. Luke just wants Ethan to proceed with caution because it's dangerous whenever the Cassadines are involved. Ethan thinks that book is closed, but Luke doesn't understand why he's putting all his chips on the table for a woman he doesn't even know. Ethan asks his father to just let him live in the moment. Ethan walks away and Luke enters the tunnels, as someone follows and knocks him out.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

The paternity test results are in.

Michael just might have a head for business after all.

Someone follows Kate on her latest trip.

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