Grandmother Sounds So Old.

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

Alexis learns Sam's news, Anthony confronts Sonny, and Tracy faces Edward.

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Jason lurks as Dante questions Michael in the alley about the dead guy. Michael insists he just found the body. Dante tells Michael to go so he doesn’t get shipped back to prison. They hear police sirens and Michael takes off with Jason in tow. Dante and Delores show up. Ronnie thinks justice was served after all. Delores points out there's still no proof this is their guy in the stripper case. After Ronnie leaves with the body, Dante and Delores feel confident the real perp is still out there.


Jason follows Michael home, where he angrily confronts him about the dead body. Jason asks if he did it. Michael admits he's been doing things he shouldn't in order to numb the pain of losing Abby and he wanted to kill the guy attacking the strippers, but he didn't. Michael is going to try and be who Abby would want him to be. He's going to honor her wishes starting now.


As Sonny orders flowers on the phone in his office, Anthony walks in. The men share tense words about Sonny revealing Johnny's true parentage. Anthony warns, since Sonny hurt his kid, he'll hurt one of his. Sonny retorts some threats of his own. After Anthony leaves, Sonny tells Max it's time to take back what's his.


Still at the penthouse, a distraught Johnny screams as he smashes Anthony's potted orchid plants. Anthony enters to face a bitter and drunk Johnny. He discovers his busted up plants. He can't believe this is how he decided to get even for Claudia. Johnny spits out they aren't even close to even.


Tracy pours herself a drink at the Q mansion, as she tries to figure out how she's going to tell Edward about her marriage to Anthony. Luke pops up ready for the show of Edward learning of his new son-in-law. Edward enters already aware of Tracy being married to the mob again. Edward assumes she'll being moving in with Anthony, but Tracy informs her father they are staying. After she storms out of the room, Edward smirks as he tells Alice to put Tracy's things in the honeymoon suite.


Elizabeth walks into the Haunted Star and finds Ethan. He wonders if she was hoping Lucky would be there. She admits a song reminded her of him and she found herself driving by the casino. Ethan apologizes for being so judgmental regarding her and Lucky. She accepts his apology, but recognizes some of what he had said was valid. Ethan relays that Lucky told him he would always care about her. Liz says that helps, but makes it worse at the same time. She knows if Lucky returns it won't be for her. Ethan, in turn, knows when someone is just trying to convince themselves of something. They play cards as Liz talks about finding herself.


Sam reluctantly tells Alexis she is pregnant. Alexis has a massive hot flash and puts her head out the window to cool off. Once she returns to her daughter, she expresses how happy she is that she gets to be a grandmother, which she adds sounds old. Alexis gets emotional and then asks if Sam is happy. Sam quietly says it came as a surprise and it's a little overwhelming. Alexis knows Sam has always wanted a baby with Jason and asks how he feels about the pregnancy. Sam says they both want it more than anything. She asks her mother not to tell her sisters yet, because she wants to wait until it's safe to start telling people. Alexis knows something is really bothering her. She urges her to let it go and really embrace this moment because it's the best time of her life.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Carly can't stay away from Johnny.

Lulu confronts Luke at the Haunted Star.

Sonny nails Kate on her secretive travels.

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