Tragically Flawed.

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Johnny confronts Anthony, TJ and Molly help each other, and Alexis figures out Sam's secret.

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After Cassandra leaves a note for Ewen at Wydemere she takes off with Ethan for some alone time. Ewen enters and sees her note.


Molly, TJ and Alexis enter Kelly's. Shawn asks how the first day of school went. Molly says TJ is behind on some subjects, but she'll help him. Alexis and Shawn sit down at a table while the kids head to the counter. Shawn is happy TJ has Molly for a friend, but Alexis worries TJ might be a bad influence on her daughter. At the counter, TJ looks at Molly's MyFace page and sees she only has five "friends," one being her mother. TJ thinks she might be the one who needs help. Ethan enters and Molly runs to greet him. She catches him on Kristina and then meets Cassandra. Molly returns to TJ at the counter. She's glad Kristina isn't around to see Ethan with Cassandra. After the new couple leaves for the arcade, TJ bocks Molly's MyFace page from her mother in case Molly ever gets a life.


Ethan and Cassandra return to Wyndemere after playing shooting games at the arcade. They find an irritated Ewen. Cassandra leaves to change as Ewen informs Ethan he has taken Cassandra to the shooting range before and she was very skilled. He warns Ethan, as Cassandra eavesdrops.


Johnny angrily shows Anthony his real birth certificate at the penthouse. Anthony plays dumb, but Johnny orders Anthony to be a man and own up to the truth. He grabs his father demanding to know how old Claudia was when he started pimping her out. Anthony admits he used Claudia as bait to get dirt on Gino. He swears it wasn't supposed to go that far. He calls Claudia tragically flawed and declares her life couldn’t have ended any other way than her getting killed. Johnny tears up as he yells out that Claudia was his mother, but he never knew it. Anthony knew Claudia couldn’t handle being a mother and that's why he sent her away. Gino agreed to a big payoff to keep quiet about it. Anthony was going to kill Gino and take his money, but Tracy beat him to it. Anthony calls Johnny a miracle he never expected. The heir he always wanted. Johnny doesn't believe him, accusing him of hating him. Anthony assures him he loves him no matter what. Everything he built is for him. Johnny spits out if he ever sees him again, he'll kill him. It doesn’t change anything for Anthony because everything is Johnny's. Anthony leaves, as Johnny tries to fight back the tears.


Jason visits Sam at her office. They talk about Franco and the baby. Jason promises he's not going anywhere. Sam tells him Michael wanted to hire her to find the suspect in the stripper case. She adds that Michael has a gun. Jason kisses Sam and leaves to find his nephew. Alexis, who's having another hot flash, drops in on her daughter. She knows there's something going on with her and guesses she's pregnant.

Jason flies into Kelly's looking for Michael. Shawn hasn't seen him. Shawn informs Jason he quit his job with Sonny, citing TJ as one of the reasons. He's not sure how it will go with TJ, because raising another man's kid is heavy stuff.


Michael demands Dante and Delores make progress in the stripper case. Dante tries to get his brother to calm down and offers to have him over for dinner. Michael has plans. Ronnie joins them fueling Michael's rage regarding letting their suspect go. After Michael has left, Olivia walks in to witness Dante defending Delores to Ronnie. Privately she tells Dante Lulu is drinking wine at Metro Court for lunch. Dante blows it off, but Olivia suggests he pay attention to his wife. Dante counters she should stick to her own life with Steve and he'll worry about Lulu. Olivia leaves, but returns to retrieve her gloves she left behind. Delores knows she really just wants to keep tabs on her and Dante. Delores assures Dante's mom she has no interest in him.


Lulu sees Tracy enter the Metro Court restaurant. Lulu asks about her wedding and Tracy joins her in a glass of wine. Tracy admits she married Anthony because he is blackmailing her. Dante shows up and joins the ladies. He apologizes to his wife for Olivia's concern over her drinking. He assures Lulu he doesn’t need her to explain anything to him. Dante leaves to find Michael. Tracy asks why they are talking about her alcohol intake.


Dante finds Michael standing over the dead stripper case suspect with a gun. Dante discovers the man was shot in the chest.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Anthony visits Sonny.

Luke shows up at the Q mansion for Tracy, but gets an earful from Edward instead.

Jason comforts Sam.

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