No Matter What She Decides.

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Molly meets TJ, Maxie is put on the spot, and Sam makes a decision.

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Alexis and Molly meet Shawn at Kelly's. He wants Alexis' advice. She wonders if it has anything to do with him moving. Carly walks in, wondering why no one told her about that. TJ joins them, forcing Shawn to make introductions. Molly asks if TJ will be going to the high school and Alexis offers to make some calls for him. Molly and TJ go to the counter to get some cheese fries, leaving Shawn and Carly to discuss TJ. Shawn doesn't know how to deal with TJ's pain. Carly thinks Shawn helping the teen is a good thing and offers her assistance if he needs anything. She also offers him the job of running Kelly's since Bobbie is out of town. He accepts. Ewen walks in to talk to Alexis about renting Wyndemere. He explains about his patient with unusual needs who is drawn to the place. She agrees. Meanwhile, Molly tries to talk Shawn up to an unreceptive TJ. He asks what she likes to do and she talks about reading and the great library they have that he could utilize. He says there's no way he's going to that school.


After an apparent night and morning of amazing sex at her place, Steve and Olivia discuss the emotional strain of his job. Olivia tries to talk about their relationship, but Steve gets paged back to work. Steve notes he doesn't have time to go to his place and change. Olivia suggests he start leaving some clothes there.


Maxie shows Matt the proofs of their photo shoot at the hospital. Liz is disdainful of it, but Maxie plays up how people are raving about the chemistry they share in the photos. Liz interrupts with the journal Matt's research has been published in. After boasting about how much she knows about Matt's work, Elizabeth challenges her to prove it. Maxie fumbles around and then mentions them moving in together because she has a stalker. Liz doesn't believe her. She walks away, as Matt accuses Maxie of not caring about his work. She insists that's not true and then sees the man with the fedora, but Matt doesn't. In fact, he doesn't even believe he exists. She begs him to move in with her, but Matt suggests she just talk to Mac. Maxie can't talk to Mac about it and stalks off. Steve and Olivia walk off the elevator and run into Maggie, who needs Steve's input on a patient. Olivia snarks, "So, you're the emergency." Maggie tells Steve about a dire case involving a little girl and Olivia sends them off. Liz catches her counting. Olivia says she chooses to believe Maggie isn't using an injured child to get closer to Steve. Steve returns to tell Olivia he'll be there a while working on the patient. Olivia kisses him goodbye, and continues counting on the elevator.


At Spinelli's office, he gets information about the fire at Franco's studio. Jason asks if they found a body. He relays that a body was found and deemed to be Franco's. He continues that the fire is blamed on mishandling of turpentine. Spinelli hopes Franco's reign of terror is over, but notes Jason isn't exactly relieved. Ethan enters and Jason leaves. Spinelli knows Ethan is there about Cassandra. Spinelli admits he is drawn to the mystery of the woman, who is eluding even his network of friends. Ethan needs to know who she is. Maxie shows up and asks Spinelli to move in with her.


Sam bolts awake after a nightmare about Franco at home. Jason returns and Sam says they have to decide what to do about the baby. She doesn't know if she could carry or love Franco's child. Jason asks if she wants to end the pregnancy. She doesn't know what she wants. Jason tells her to stop thinking about Franco because the baby might be his. She knows, but that's not how she feels right now. Jason says he loves her and he'll be with her no matter what she decides. Sam wants to take a test to determine paternity. Jason is all for it.


Sonny follows a stressed out Kate to the Metro Court, where they continue debating the dangers of his business. Kate can't do this anymore. She isn't sure they're compatible and accuses him of trying to charm her into ignoring their issues. She loves being with him, but she has her work and reputation to consider. Sonny would never ask her to compromise herself or jeopardize her career for him. She needs time to think.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Johnny finds Michael with a gun.

Luke helps Carly, but there are strings attached.

Tracy must decide whether or not to marry Anthony.

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