What Keeps Him Up At Night.

Friday, January 13th, 2012

Jason confronts Franco, someone shoots at Sonny, and Ethan gets closer to Cassandra.

What Keeps Him Up At Night. image

Jax talks to his mother on the phone in a dimly lit room and tells them he has to stay out of sight, but he will be careful.

Sonny tries to talk Michael down in his office from going after the suspect in the stripper case. Michael says if Sonny doesn’t handle it, he will. Kate enters as they debate it. Michael knows Sonny has had no problem pulling the trigger before. Sonny says he won't whack someone on a hunch. Michael storms out, leaving Kate and Sonny to discuss his son. Sonny blames the way he raised Michael for his attitude. Kate thinks food can fix everything and they discuss the remodel on the restaurant, as Jax hides behind the shelving. They talk about the past again and Sonny says he's tired of hanging on to it. He throws the key to the brownstone in the garbage. He wants to start fresh with new memories. Sonny kisses Kate, but she has to leave for a shoot. Before she goes, Sonny says he wants the new restaurant to be something they've done together. Alone, Sonny gets a call. Someone shoots at him when he picks up the phone.


As Jason holds him at gunpoint in his studio, Franco cryptically talks about why he let Jason find him. He muses that maybe his finale will lead to something much worse for Jason. Jason doesn't think that's possible, but Franco tells him not to assume. Jason says it doesn’t matter, but Franco knows this is what keeps him up at night. Jason shoots him. Franco says Jason will never know why he came into his life if he dies. Jason shoots him again and yells, "Know what?" Blood runs down Franco's lip as he closes he eyes. Later, Jason drives away from the studio, which is engulfed in flames.


Sam worries at the penthouse about Jason going after Franco. Michael stops by to hire Sam to go after the suspect the cops released. He says he wants to kill him so he doesn't hurt more women. Sam tries to reason with him and asks him not to do anything impulsive. Michael sees a gun on the table and says, "Like you were about to do?" After Michael has left, Jason returns. Sam runs into his arms relieved he's home. Jason tells her Franco is out of their lives for good. Sam counters, "I'm pregnant."

Michael buys a gun off someone in the alley.

Elizabeth finds Patrick at the hub annoying Epiphany. He's worried that Robin hasn't called yet from Africa. Robin finally calls and tells him she's on her way into a seminar. She promises to call again when she can. After hanging up, Robin walks into a Seattle hospital. After Patrick calls Emma, he expresses his concern over Robin. Liz breaks and admits Robin is sick.

From the Haunted Star, Luke makes a call to try and track down Helena.


Cassandra pulls away from kissing Ethan at Wyndemere. She continues to talk about not having an identity, which is freeing on the one hand, but devastating on the other. Helena still lurks as the two discuss love. Cassandra thinks she'd know if she had ever been in love and believes if anyone loved her, they would have found her. As they muse on who she really is, Ethan passionately kisses her, which leads to sex in front of the fire. She tells him that was the most beautiful experience she's ever had. He points out, "As far as you know." Ethan gets a text from Luke, who urgently wants to meet with him. He asks Cassandra to go with him, but she will be fine there. After Ethan has left, Ewen shows up. He warns her away from seeing anyone. She accuses him of becoming obsessive, but he says staying away from Ethan will be best for both of them.

Once Ethan is at the Star, Luke asks for his son's help digging up Zacchara family secrets. He suggests using Skye to do it. Ethan hesitates leaving Port Charles to charm Skye. He fills Luke in on Cassandra, leading Luke to warn Ethan about monogamy. Luke also says nothing ever good happens on Spoon Island. Ethan thinks he might be surprised.

Monday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Shawn finds Sonny.

Patrick fears the worst.

Someone follows Maxie.

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