This Is How Patrick And Lisa Started.

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

Maggie and Steve rehash the past, Jason faces Franco, and Ethan questions Cassandra.

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After seeing Steve and Maggie kissing at the hospital, Olivia starts counting and slowly walks away. Meanwhile, Steve backs away from Maggie. He tells her he didn't bring her there for that. He's with Olivia. She wonders how serious it can be when he can't even call her his girlfriend. They start talking about their past and Maggie says she couldn't face what they did, but now she understands that under certain circumstances, people do extreme things. Steve says he can always have her transferred. She begs him not to since she's finally given in to how she felt in Memphis. Steve thinks this is how things started with Patrick and Lisa. She points out she's not crazy though. Maggie doesn’t think Olivia can give him the one thing he's looking for – redemption. Steve reminds Maggie he took a life and she couldn't handle it. He thinks she's free, but she corrects him saying she is chained to that night and to him.


Dante and Delores decide there isn't enough to hold their suspect and let him go, much to Ronnie's ire. Michael walks in and learns the man walked. Ronnie and Michael gang up on Delores and Dante, who defend their decision. Michael walks off and Delores passionately lays out her ideas on the case to Dante. He notes her enthusiasm and asks if something like this happened to her sister. Delores evades the line of questioning by bringing up Dante's mob boss father.


In his office, Sonny calls Jason and urges him to let Franco go or it will eat him alive. Still counting, Olivia shows up after Sonny hangs up with Jason. She reminds him he called her about a recipe. She realizes he's thinking of opening the restaurant to the public. She learns the name of the establishment will share that of a place he used to hang out with Connie. They talk about the past, as Johnny walks in on Sonny's request. After Olivia leaves, Sonny orders Johnny to stay away from Michael. Johnny urges Sonny to think about what Michael is going through. Michael shows up and Johnny says he, unlike Sonny, believes he's capable of making his own decisions. After Johnny leaves, Michael vents about the cops letting the suspect off. He emotionally implores his father to, "Bury the son of a bitch."

Olivia enters the hospital room Steve and Maggie are in and kisses Steve. After Steve gets paged away, Olivia calls Maggie out for kissing her boyfriend. Olivia orders her to back off.


Jason tells Sam at the penthouse that he can't let go of Franco because he blames himself for what happened to her. Sam gets a calls from Alexis, who asks her daughter to meet her and Molly at Kelly's. After Sam leaves, Spinelli shows up and reluctantly tells Jason Franco is at the gallery.


Jason shows up at Franco's studio with a gun. He asks why Franco let him find him. Franco wonders what he would do for the answer.


Sam shows up at Kelly's as Molly expresses her annoyance over Alexis' overbearing nature. Alexis apologizes for her overreaction to Molly explaining she's just frustrated and hot. Sam intervenes and defends their mother to Molly, who ultimately relents. Molly looks through the Cassadine book and notes how dark and depressed their family looks. She worries they might have been crazy. Sam doesn’t think she has anything to worry about, but Molly worries about when she has her own kids. After more talk of the Cassadines, Alexis notices something is wrong with Sam. She suggests she go home and talk to Jason.


Helena listens in at Wyndemere as Cassandra recalls to Ethan all the mysterious mansions she's recently inhabited. He wonders how she finds all these kinds of places. She thinks they find her. She tells Ethan she trusts him because he makes her feel safe. She goes on to talk about the all the ghosts trapped there. She can hear their voices late at night. She insists she doesn't care about her past, but asks him what it's like knowing who he is. Ethan explains he only found out just a few years ago and it gave him a name, a past and people he's connected to. He thinks she has so many secrets locked inside her. She wonders what if she is the secret and someone else has the key. She suggests he keep his distance because she doesn’t stay anywhere for long. She asks what he would do if finding out who he was turned out to be the worst thing for him and everyone around him. He embraces her.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Sam shares her results with Jason.

Robin calls Patrick.

Ewen warns Cassandra.

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