The Capacity To Kill Is In All Of Ya.

Friday, December 9th, 2011

The prime suspects are rounded up, Sam watches the DVD from Franco and Dante catches Olivia on the boat.

The Capacity To Kill Is In All Of Ya. image

Jason paces in a holding room at the station. Sam comes in and shares she went searching for Franco. He questions what she found and she admits to only finding the grafitti circle. He thinks she’s missed something. Sam tells him that Michael called her Mom and then leaves the room. Michael catches her on the way out of the station and wonders what she told him. She wants him to promise not to mention the DVD to Jason. Micheal enters the holding rooms and tells Jason why he went with Sam to Front Street. Jason demands to know what Michael saw. As they talk Garrett/Prescott interrupts and accuses them of hiding something. Jason gets pissed off and attacks him. Soon Alexis shows up in the holding room, threatens to go to Sam to calm him down, then leaves. Jason hates being cooped up but Michael thinks there’s more.


At his desk, Dante studies Lulu’s engagement ring when Olivia finds him. She questions him about his date with Delores and wants to talk about Lulu. He defers the conversation and tells her she may be his mother but she’s still a suspect in the murder and needs to come with him.


Delores finds Johnny and Anthony at the garage. She demands Anthony come with her. He questions if she has a warrant. They banter about it and Delores invites Johnny to come along.


At Crimson, Spinelli finds Maxie and tells her he hasn’t found Matt. Ronnie shows up to talk about Lisa’s murder. He wants Maxie to come with him and she claims to not know anything. Spinelli raises an argument but Ronnie tells him he's coming too.


Patrick and Robin chat in the hospital about Emma. Steve approaches Robin wondering about his shift then Matt shows up greeting Patrick. Mac comes over tells them all he knows they’re all free and he has enough room for all of them. He thinks they should be anxious to clear their names and tells them they’re not going to the station.


The police take all the suspects to the boat. Spinelli, Maxie, Matt, Patrick, Robin, Steve, Olivia, Johnny, and Anthony all chat among themselves while wait for Mac to get the show on the road. Mac enters with First Officer Briggs. Dante announces everyone who was there that night, piloting a boat or just nearby is there. Mac declares someone on this boat killed Lisa. He pulls out the murder weapon. A wrench that was readily available to all of them. That leaves motive. Dante focuses on Robin claiming she was the last one to see Lisa alive. Robin flashes on the wrench and Patrick tells Dante he’s wrong, Robin is innocent. Spinelli ponders this in his head. Then the blame turns to Patrick. This prompts Spinelli to wonder to himself if he is guilty one. Mac then turns accusations to Anthony. That he had power of attorney over Lisa and their arrangement might have gone wrong. In his mind, Spinelli wonders about this revelation. Next up is Johnny. Dante reminds him of his relationship with Lisa and Spinelli continues theorizing to himself. Steve is next on the list, Delores wonders about the scratches found on his face as Spinelli thinks this one through. This brings them to Olivia, how she must have hated Lisa. Again Spinelli thinks about this. Matt’s next and then they throw accusations to Maxie. Spinelli jumps to her defense. The accusations continue to everyone in the room. They go back and forth and finally Anthony angrily declares, "The capacity to kill is in all of ya."

Garret/Prescott runs into Alexis at the station. She thinks his name change is stupid wonders what name she should use when she sues him for liable and throws the paper with the headline about Jason’s arrest in his face.


Johnny and Anthony chat about what happened on the boat while dining out. Anthony
gloats about how long it took for him to get everyone to turn on each other.

Back at the hospital, Robin and Patrick chat about Mac and how he has to remain impartial. They just want the whole thing to be over.

Spinelli and Maxie are back at her office. She thanks him for his support and Spin leaves. Maxie leaves a message for Matt.

First Officer Briggs is lurks in the shadows of the boat.


After everyone is off the boat Olivia sneaks back in. Dante flicks on the lights and catches her.


At home, a worried Sam watches the DVD and collapses in shock to the floor.

Monday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Ethan becomes caretaker of Wyndemere.

Dante is one step ahead of Olivia.

Sam fights feelings of disgust and sheer anger.

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