Saving Lives Trumps Happy Hour.

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

Johnny has fun needling Olivia and Steve, Sam and Michael find a DVD, and Spinelli gives Lulu good advice.

Saving Lives Trumps Happy Hour. image

As things get more heated between Sonny and Kate in the hotel, she puts on the brakes. She thinks he's just trying to lose himself in another woman, as he buries his pain over his past. She wants him to face his demons and offers to go with him. He says he will do it on his own, but right now he just wants to be with her. He tries to charm her, but Kate whispers, "It's not going to happen tonight." Sonny tells her sex wasn't on his mind, but he does want to go ice skating.


Maggie asks Steve about Lisa at the hospital, as he's about to head out to meet Olivia. Maggie wonders if Robin killed her. Steve adamantly declares Robin did not. Maggie wonders who did. As they talk, Memphis is brought up and Maggie assures him his secret is safe with her.


Olivia walks into Jake's and Johnny offers to buy her a drink. She tells him she's meeting someone, but accepts a beer. Johnny and Coleman tell her Dante was on a date with Delores. Olivia knows her son would never cheat on Lulu. The men counter guys don't always make the best choices when a pretty lady is around. As Olivia takes her beer to a table, Johnny points out her date might be an example of that considering he's late. Olivia reminds him Steve is a doctor and saving lives takes precedence over happy hour. Steve walks in and notices Maggie has followed him. She tells him she's just trying to be social and make new friends. Steve sits with Olivia and assures her he didn't invite Maggie along. He takes note of her Johnny being there as well. She informs him she turned him down when he wanted to keep her company. Meanwhile, Johnny talks with Maggie at the bar and learns she knows Steve from Memphis. He delights in throwing that information in a stressed out Steve's face.


At the station, Floyd tells Dante and Delores that Jason viciously attacked him. Dante counters Jason was just trying to stop him from creating a huge panic in town over Franco. Floyd orders him to keep Jason in lock up or else he will have his badge. Once he's gone, Delores suggests she and Dante divvy up their cases and reaches for the evidence room key, but he stops her. She accuses him of not trusting her because she's a woman, just like every other cop she's worked with. She thinks that sexism is spilling over to the stripper case and lays out a pattern of abuse that they shouldn’t ignore. Dante says they can go over the stripper case when he gets back from questioning Jason. Once he's gone, Delores grabs the evidence room key out of his desk.


Sam and Michael go to the spot on the street where Franco first saw Jason to look for clues. Michael finds a white circle spray painted on a garbage can. They look in the can and find a DVD with Franco's graffiti tag on it. Michael wants to tell Jason about it, but Sam says no because it will only drive Jason crazy. Michael wonders what she thinks is on the DVD.


Maxie calls Anthony to Crimson so she can collect on the favor he owes her after she pulled him out of the water. In a roundabout way she asks him how she would go about covering up something illicit. He tells her that's his specialty and assumes she's referring to Lisa's murder. She thinks he had the motive for killing Lisa since he was angry that she attacked him. Anthony becomes threatening, but assures her he likes her. He asks who he would be covering for: Matt or her. Maxie wants him to make it look like someone else offed Lisa, so all three of them will be off the hook. He'll consider it.


Spinelli finds Lulu at Kelly's. She tells him about breaking off her engagement to Dante. He recalls how fearless she used to be when he first met her. She wonders what happened to her and when she started playing it safe. Spinelli suggests instead of dumping Dante, she should remember why she fell in love with him in the first place.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

All the murder suspects are rounded up.

Jason goes off.

Sam begs Michael to keep the DVD a secret from Jason.

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