Clearing The Past.

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

Kate helps Sonny, Jason crosses a line, and Maxie panics.

Clearing The Past. image

Maxie panics at Crimson since the new second assistant quit and Kate is off the grid. Lulu shows up looking for advice about Dante. Maxie suggests she figure it out for herself because she's the only who can decide what's best for her. Maxie has to get back to work but wishes Lulu luck.


Dante finds Delores rummaging through his desk at the station. She says she was looking for his notes on Lisa's case. He reminds her he is in charge of the case and will give her any notes he wants her to have. She wants them to start acting like partners and suggests they go out for drinks one night to get to know each other. Dante offers to go out that night. She has to go home and change and remarks that her husband is away on business so he won't mind. She asks about Lulu and he sadly says she won't be a problem. Later, Dante calls Lulu and leaves a message expressing how much he wants to fix their issues. After he hangs up, Lulu arrives to give him back the ring. Lulu says he's made his choice and so has she. She wants to pick up her stuff at his place and he tells her if to get it over with.

Lulu returns to the loft and hears Dante's message as she packs.


Back at Fusion, Maxie leaves an urgent message for Matt to call her, as Mac shows up. She pretends she's talking to Matt, but Mac knows better. He demands to know where Matt is and if he had anything to do with Lisa's murder. He also asks why she dumped her clothes from the night of the party. She wonders if he's accusing her of murder. He hugs her and says he would do anything for her. She responds that she already told him everything she knows. He tells her he is in a position to protect her, but she can't protect Matt, so he needs to return or else he will put an APB out on him.


At Jake's, Michael asks Sam if she was ever victimized. She quietly says yes, referring to her past. He wonders if something happened recently and she says no, the past just creeps up on her sometimes. He knows what that's like and credits Abby for helping him heal. They start talking about Abby's safety and Sam warns no matter what he does to prevent it, the people he loves will still get hurt. Across the way, Johnny shows up and talks to his strippers. He wants to do more for them than just take care of their medical expenses. Floyd takes note of the interaction and suggests Diane figure out what's going on. Diane knows there's a story there, but she'll target the women, not Zacchara. Delores shows up in civilian clothes and talks to Johnny about the strippers, as Coleman informs Sam Jason is outside trying to decipher Franco's message. She runs out past Floyd. Diane cozies up to the strippers at the bar to dig for gossip. Meanwhile, Dante shows up and pulls Delores away from Johnny.


A frustrated Jason looks at Franco's graffiti with the O tagged at the end of it. Spinelli shows up and they try to figure out Franco's message. When Spin can't come up with anything, Jason tells him to leave. Spinelli is worried about him, but Jason assures him he's fine. Jason and Sam run out to find Jason. Floyd joins them and asks if Franco is back because it would make a good headline. Jason suggests he not print that because he will take care of the mad man himself. Floyd remarks he hasn't done such a great job in the past, raising Jason's ire. Stone Cold grabs Floyd and shouts if he does anything to mess it up he will kill him. After Jason throws him to the ground, Floyd returns to Jake's and finds Dante, who heads to the alley to arrest Jason. When Jason resists, Dante pulls his gun and leads him away.


Sonny talks to the vision of his childhood self, who is hiding in the brownstone's closet. Sonny declares he hasn't been that scared powerless child in a long time. As he gets worked up over his past, Kate shows up and embraces him. She tells him the past doesn't have to define him. She suggests they leave, but they can always come back. Sonny declares he won't be coming back. His childhood self knows he will though because Sonny needs him.


Back at the hotel, Kate says they need to clear the past in order to get to the present. Sonny kisses her and leads her to the bed.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Maggie questions Steve about Lisa's murder.

Delores steals Dante's evidence room key.

Maxie seeks out help.

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