Welcome Home.

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

Shawn moves in with Carly, Sonny enters the brownstone, and Liz becomes more emotional.

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Lucky tries to let Elizabeth down gently in her hospital room. He says sometimes people see what they want to see and ignore what is real. Liz thinks he's ignoring what they had. Lucky tells her there is no going back. Not now. Not ever. She doesn't want things to go back to the way they were, but she thinks they can move forward. Lucky reminds her their reunions are always on the heels of a tragedy and he can't do it anymore. It has to truly be a new start. Liz thinks Aiden is their new start and urges him to stop punishing himself. Lucky counters he's just accepting reality and she needs to as well. She muses that he keeps pushing her away because he loves her. He calls them co-dependent and declares first loves don't last for a reason. He thinks after she gets some help she will see they don't belong together. He will take the boys with him until she is strong enough to come home. When Liz gets riled up, Lucky leaves to get her doctor, which sets her off more because he's walking away yet again. Alone, Elizabeth grabs her lipstick out of her bag. When Lucky returns with a nurse, he finds Liz gone and a note written on her pillow that reads, "Can't do this."


Shawn moves into Carly's house and sets some ground rules. He tells her the only way he'll be able to protect her is if she follows orders. She thinks he needs to lighten up, but he reminds her how dangerous Franco is. Michael walks in and learns about the new living arrangements. Michael isn't happy, accusing Shawn of taking advantage of the situation. Carly defends Shawn to her son and orders him to show some respect. Michael informs them he is going after the guy who is targeting the strippers. Shawn and Carly try to talk him out of it and warn him about Franco lurking. Shawn says he knows what Franco is capable of. A hardened Michael responds, "No you don't," and leaves. Carly explains Michael's history with Franco and asks Shawn not to tell Michael he knows. Shawn vows not to let Franco anywhere near her or her kids and gets to work on upgrading her security system. Later, Carly watches as Shawn does pushups in her living room.


Jason finds Sam in the alley near Franco's graffiti tag. They talk about Franco and Jason blames himself for not being able to stop him. Sam says Franco wins if they keep obsessing about him. She wants to go to Jake's and enjoy a normal night. Jason can't and takes off.


Diane and the former Mayor Garrett Floyd enter Jake's. They inform Coleman that Floyd is no longer the mayor and is now a media mogul. He's also going by his middle name Prescott in order to distance himself from the scandals of his past. Diane toasts her new employer, who hired her to write her gossip column. Sam enters and sits with a couple of Johnny's strippers. She talks to them about the attacks, which Floyd takes note of. Michael flies in and harshly questions the strippers. Sam pulls him aside to calm him down, but she ends up on a rant about how the women weren't asking for the abuse. Sam apologizes for going off on him. Michael is also sorry for his behavior and brings up his conversation with Shawn about Franco. As he talks about his own attack, Sam gets upset and throws things around.

Coleman shows Jason a new graffiti tag on the wall outside Jake's.


After recalling Deke's abuse, Sonny enters the brownstone. He says, "Welcome home." A cop enters assuming Sonny is trespassing. He doesn't recognize Sonny, who he grew up with, and recounts a revisionist history saying Deke was a good cop and Sonny was the one who beat his mother. Sonny lets the cop know who he is. After some threats and back and forth, Sonny tells the cop Deke was a bad man and lets him leave. Sonny eyes the closet and yells out at Deke that this has to be done. He sees a vision of a boy crying in the closet.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Sam breaks down to Michael.

Maxie asks someone for a favor.

Dante asks Delores to drinks.

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