That Battle Axe Is My Wife.

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Maggie puts her foot in her mouth, Mac consoles Robin, and Franco sends a message.

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In the hospital break room, Steve tells Olivia he knows she's pregnant. Says she's not, but he points out it wouldn’t be the first time she kept quiet about a baby. She assures him she would tell him if she were because the circumstances are vastly different. She assumes he would have been freaked out if were pregnant, but Steve tries to play it off. However, he does say not everyone is meant to be a parent.


Elsewhere at General Hospital, Lucky talks with Maggie about his mystical time in Ireland. He says he can still feel Siobhan around. Maggie says love is a powerful thing that can't be broken. Lucky informs Maggie that she is part of all this because the name of the church he was instructed to go to was St. Margaret's and she saved his son. He says, "St. Maggie." She tells him working as a pediatrician has taught her never to give up. After Maggie walks away, Ethan shows up to welcome his brother home. Ethan asks about Lucky's message from beyond, but Lucky is still trying to figure it out. For now, he's just going to focus on being a good cop and a good dad. Ethan thinks he needs more than that. Lucky agrees, but doesn’t know what else he wants.


Patrick brings Emma to the hospital because she has a stomachache. He meets Maggie, who checks Emma out. Maggie tells Patrick Emma is fine. She was probably just looking for attention. Maggie races Emma around in a wheelchair until Patrick reminds her they are in a hospital. Maggie knows and remarks that the chief of staff is a battle axe. Her mouth drops when he says that battle axe is his wife.


Mac finds Robin still on the bridge talking to Stone. He wonders why Stone's death is hitting her so hard this year. Robin brings up Lisa and how she has left a cloud hanging over all of them, but Stone always had a bright light around him. She beats herself up for letting Lisa destroy her life and her marriage. They talk about the murder investigation and Robin says, "I was only defending myself. It was self defense." Mac instructs her to be careful what she says to him. Robin was only trying to say that anyone affected by Lisa was acting in self-defense. Mac says she was killed so someone has to pay the price. The topic turns to Mac's lack of a personal life and Robin says it would be nice to see her uncle happy before she dies. Concerned, Mac hugs her and says he won't let that happen. Mac gives Robin a moment alone on the bridge before they leave. She hears Stone say, "I see you Robin."


At home, Shawn and Carly open the package from the porch. They find two gifts. Shawn opens a small pink box with a tiny baby toy in it. The other is a video from Franco. Carly grabs her laptop and they play it. Franco addresses Josslyn in the video. He tells Carly's daughter he's sorry her daddy left her and that there is one less set of eyes to watch after her. Carly turns it off worried Franco is coming after Joss.


On the balcony at the penthouse, Jason tells Sam he's there for her. She knows, but she wants to be alone. After Sam walks away, Jason gets a call from Carly telling him about Franco's video.

Jason shows up at Carly's and watches the rest of Franco's video with her and Shawn. Franco declares he will be there for Josslyn should everyone else abandon her. Jason slams the laptop shut and Carly shows him the toy baby they received as well. She thinks it means Franco is after Josslyn. Jason flashes back to Franco being with Sam and throws the laptop across the room.


Abby meets Johnny at Jake's. A couple of Abby's stripper friends are there as well. Abby learns Johnny closed the strip club for now and watches as he defends the ladies from an overeager patron. Abby asks Johnny to do something about the guy who is after the strippers before someone gets hurt. Meanwhile, a man covered by a hoodie sits at the bar. Sam shows up and tells Abby she is looking into the case for Michael. She wants to go undercover but Abby doesn’t think it's necessary. Sam watches the drunk handsy guy leave and follows him.

Sam runs into the alley and sees Franco's graffiti on a wall, as a man approaches.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Sam and Jason try to decipher Franco's graffiti.

Mac asks Alexis for a favor.

Delores questions Johnny again.

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