Lead The Way.

Monday, November 7th, 2011

Games continue to be played at Jake's, Matt tries to make Maxie jealous, and Sam's in danger.

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In Liz's hospital room, Matt tells her she'll will be fine. She can't stop thinking about the mystery man who saved her. Matt thinks he was a figment of her imagination, but Elizabeth insists she didn't make him up. Matt believes he and Spinelli are the real heroes. She asks about Lisa, but Matt doesn't think she should waster her energy on Dr. Niles. Matt wants to call Lucky to help with the boys, but Liz won't let Siobhan be right in that she constantly sucks at Lucky's soul when she's in need. As Matt's about to leave, he runs into Maxie, who knew he'd be there. Maxie lashes out at Matt and accuses Liz of working him. Matt and Maxie argue about who is more selfish. Matt gives Liz Maxie's expensive birthday present to make her jealous. After getting digs in at Liz, Maxie storms out. Matt realizes making Maxie jealous could be a dangerous game. Liz gives him back the bracelet and asks what he's going to do about Maxie. As they talk, Elizabeth starts to get weak and her monitors go off. Matt notes she's burning up and jumps into action.

In his office, Spinelli looks online for information on the mysterious lights he saw at Wyndemere. Max and Milo enter to demand he find Sonny's money. Spinelli clicks onto a sports betting site and wins. Milo and Max wonder how he did it. Spinelli says he looked at the screen and the odds were clear. Max and Milo order him to find the money and leave. Maxie walks in and kisses Spinelli, who realizes she had an argument with her "man friend."


Sonny interrupts Johnny and Carly at Jake's. Shawn intervenes and Kate walks in when things get heated between Johnny and Sonny. Kate and Carly promptly get into it as Sonny invites Johnny to step outside. Shawn tries to diffuse the situation, as Carly walks over and announces she's leaving. She asks Johnny if he'd like to go somewhere and he says, "Lead the way." After they leave, Sonny rails at Shawn for not looking after Carly. Shawn reminds him he has a life of his own. Shawn's date tells him to go after Carly because he's obviously more interested in her than he's letting her know. She leaves, as Sonny tries to divert Kate's attention from Coleman. When she doesn’t bite, he explains he came to see her. She wants him to play their favorite song on the jukebox to prove how much it means to him. When he wonders why she all of a sudden wants to remember their past, she says she wants to go back to a time when things weren't so complicated and when she held him and never wanted to let go.


Lucky brings the innkeeper to the churchyard, but she's freaked out because the people of the mountains, bits and pieces of leftover mischief caught in time, play there. Lucky has to do this though because it's the last thing Siobhan asked of him. He shows her the message spelled out with rocks that says, "Go." The woman thinks he has his answer, but Lucky wonders if she followed him there to scare him away. She insists she didn't send him the message, but says whoever did send it doesn't want him there. Once she's gone, Lucky falls asleep again. He wakes up to a new message which now says, "Go home."


In his secluded room, Jason watches on the monitor as Sam passes out in the shower. Franco catches her and carries her away. Jason desperately screams out as he sees Franco lay Sam on the bed. After Franco starts to undress, he talks to Jason through the camera saying, "I'd like some privacy. It is the lady's honeymoon after all." He blocks the view of the camera, leaving Jason to stew as Franco's monkey shows up on the screen.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Jason finds Sam.

Olivia buys a home pregnancy test.

Shawn and Carly discover something shocking.

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