The Lady's Looking For Trouble.

Friday, November 4th, 2011

Carly reacts to seeing Shawn on a date, Kristina says her goodbyes, and Franco puts his plan into action.

The Lady's Looking For Trouble. image

Milo brings a drunk Max and Diane into Sonny's house, interrupting Dante and Lulu's announcement. Sonny orders Diane out, but she wants to know what's going on. The room clears out leaving Diane to explain to Alexis she is no longer representing Sonny. She suggests Alexis represent him. Alexis balks, as Diane explains she is now focusing on her gossip column instead of law. She summons Max and leaves so Alexis and Sonny can work out the details, but Alexis flees. Later, Ethan arrives, as Olivia gets dizzy again and heads home. Alexis helps Kristina bypass Sonny so she can say goodbye to Ethan alone. In the foyer, Ethan gives Kristina a bracelet and encourages her to take full advantage of her opportunities at Yale, including boys. She says she'll give the guys a chance, but in her heart she'll be waiting for him. Later, Michael tells Abby it was two years ago that he killed Claudia. Sonny happens by and overhears Michael say it will never be over for him and that he still dreams about her. Sonny makes a call, as Kristina says her final goodbyes to everyone. Alone with Michael, Dante urges his brother not to help Sonny cover up the truth.


At the shop, Anthony taunts Johnny about Lisa and Claudia. Johnny grabs his father threatening to kill him. Anthony wants to know where all the hostility is coming from. Johnny stands down as he reminds his father it’s the second anniversary of Claudia's death. As they argue about her, Anthony says, "Claudia was my daughter. More than you'll ever know." Johnny wants him to say what he has to say, but Anthony doesn’t want to talk about it. Johnny accuses him of playing mind games with him. Anthony says some cryptic things and states they need each other. Furious, Johnny leaves and Anthony orders some flowers for a grave.


Upon seeing Shawn with a woman at Jake's, Carly orders a tequila from Coleman, who thinks she's looking for trouble. Carly retorts she's already found it. Shawn sees Carly, who pretends she didn't know he was there. Carly tries to rile up his date and banters with Shawn. She plays the song they danced to at Kelly's. She wants to dance with him now, but he reminds her he's with someone. Shawn plays a new song and dances with his date. Carly quizzes Coleman about Shawn and the woman. Coleman says he can be her guilty pleasure. She tells him he's not the party she's looking for. Coleman offers to help her make Shawn jealous, as Johnny enters. Carly joins him at the pool table. She was hoping he could buy her a drink for her birthday. Johnny doesn't think he's safe company for anybody, but Carly thinks he's just the company she's looking for. Shawn watches as Carly dances with Johnny, who knows what she's up to. Johnny tells Carly the woman Shawn is with is one of his dancers. He wonders if that matters. She says it could and kisses him, as Sonny walks in.

Jason enters the shack in Hawaii and finds a bottle of beer with a note. He assumes it's from Sam. He sips the beer, opens the letter and reads, "A toast to the grand finale. You'll never guess what happens next." Sam returns to an empty house and finds a letter waiting and bottle of beer waiting for her as well. It says, "I'm way ahead of you."


Jason wakes up in a strange room. He sees Franco's monkey on the TV monitor. The monitor switches to the Hawaiian hut so he can see Sam taking a shower. Jason desperately yells out for Franco to come after him and to leave Sam alone. He watches on the monitor as Franco approaches Sam in the shower.

Monday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Jason gets a wedding gift from Franco.

Kate and Carly go at it.

Someone watches over Lucky.

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