Better Perspective As A Drunk.

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Ethan rejects Luke's advice, Sonny's dinner begins, and Lucky gets a message.

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Lucky steps onto the church's grounds and finds the hole in the wall. He sits down to wait for "them" to come, whoever they may be. After dozing off, Lucky wakes up and sees some rocks spelling out "Go."


Sam doesn’t want to think about leaving Hawaii. Jason reminds her they don't leave until tomorrow and thinks they should enjoy their last day in paradise. Jason has another flash and then gives Sam a necklace with a shell on it that she picked up off the beach. Sam challenges Jason to a romance-off. They have $20 each to find something romantic without any help. Sam runs out, but Jason hesitates and looks around the shack. Franco watches from his computer.


Alexis has a breakdown as Kristina packs for college in her room. Molly reveals she's too sick to go to the party at Sonny's. After Kristina calls Ethan to invite him to dinner, she tells her mother her whole world is changing except how she feels about Ethan. Alexis gives her a stuffed animal to cuddle with, as well as a photo of the three of them in case she gets lonely. Alexis cries and they all hug. Alexis doesn’t want to let go and tells Kristina how proud she is of her. Kristina says she knows what she and Sonny did for her. Alexis panics, but Kristina just references all the support they've given her. She thanks her mother, which produces more waterworks from Alexis. Molly gives her sister Stefan's book of Russian poems. Alexis calls her girls the future of this family and believes their goodness has eclipsed any bad from the Cassadines. Alexis leaves the sisters alone to say goodbye since Kristina is leaving right after the party. Molly cries as she tells her sister she'll miss her and that she loves her. As Kristina leaves her room, the book of poems lies on the floor.


Lulu stops by Dante's hospital room to bring him clothes for the party. She's having second thoughts about it though because she worries about him investigating his shooting. Dante wants to announce their engagement, but she hesitates, saying she doesn’t want to steal Kristina's thunder. Olivia shows up and excitedly talks about their engagement and how she can finally tell people about it. Lulu agrees to announce it at the party.


Michael and Abby arrive at Sonny's for Kristina's dinner. Privately, Michael warns his father that Dante questioned him about the warehouse and that he blames Sonny for everything. Abby joins the conversation and Sonny tells them no one has anything to worry about. Olivia, Dante and Lulu show up and as the women tend to the food, Sonny tells his sons he's happy they can be together like this. As Lulu helps Olivia bring in the food, Olivia loses her balance.


Ethan finds Luke in the tunnels at Wyndemere. Luke warns his son away from the place because anything attracted to that place is bad news. As they debate the issue, Ethan sees something in the tunnels. Luke thinks Wyndemere is making him paranoid. As someone seemingly lurks, Luke expounds on his cynical views on life and love. Ethan thinks Lucky and Lulu are proof that Luke had love, but thinks he is a reminder to his siblings that even the greatest loves of all aren't real. Luke doesn’t think that's true. He calls his affair with Holly a survival move that kept him from disappearing completely. Luke felt loved unconditionally by Laura because she never kicked him out after his affair. Luke wants Ethan to find a love like that but hopes he is cautious and doesn’t make his mistakes. Ethan doesn't want to be cautious. He wants to feel something and for it to take him over. He says he liked Luke's perspective better as a drunk. Luke did too. After they leave, the tunnel door opens.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Dante gets a warehouse clue.

Carly has a showdown with Luke.

It's Emma's birthday.

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