It Was Just A Kiss.

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

The tension mounts between Shawn and Carly, the party goers convene at the hospital, and Michael isn't happy about Abby's friends.

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Anthony comes to at the shop to Johnny yelling at him for waking Lisa from her coma. They argue over Anthony's treatment of her as Johnny tries to patch him up, while also inflicting a bit of pain.


Spinelli brings a weak Elizabeth to the hospital. Monica instructs Epiphany to order tests on Elizabeth and then questions Spinelli about what happened. Monica then questions Liz, who says Lisa threw her overboard. Liz wonders how she didn’t drown, as Spinelli races off, worried about Maxie.


In the galley, Mac announces he needs statements from everyone. Robin wants to check on Emma, but Mac assures her he made a call and Emma's fine. A drunken Matt wonders where Liz is. Mac questions Patrick and Robin about Lisa and they lay out her plan. A cop enters to say there's no sign of Lisa or Liz. Mac orders him to put out an A.P.B. on Lisa. Steve gets a call from Monica, who tells him Spinelli brought his sister in after Lisa dumped her overboard. Maxie unhappily notes Matt's concern over Liz. Robin is allowed to leave so she can get checked out, but she opts to look for the watch she lost.

Robin returns to the stairs on the boat where she and Lisa fought. She finds her watch and sees blood on the ground. Patrick finds her and she again wonders how she ended up far away from the stairs, where she last remembers fighting with Lisa. Patrick says it's over now so it doesn't matter. Delores and Mac walk up and tell Robin she needs to get to the hospital.


Steve and Olivia show up at the hospital. He asks Epiphany to check out Olivia, but Olivia insists she's fine. She shakily sits in the lobby while Steve checks on Liz. Maxie enters as well and badmouths Liz to Spinelli when she sees him. He rolls his eyes, as Maxie walks over to Matt, who is getting an update on Liz. Robin and Patrick arrive so she can get looked at. Meanwhile, Olivia asks Steve how he got his scratches, as Maxie questions Matt on what went down with him and Liz.


Elsewhere at the hospital, Michael talks to the nanny on the phone and learns Carly and Josslyn are with Shawn in Hawaii. He sees Abby with her stripper friends at the hub because one of them was attacked. He thinks she shouldn't hang out with those friends anymore. Abby is offended and asks what's really going on. Michael is upset Carly just took off with Shawn. Abby defends Carly being able to still have a life even though she's a mother. Michael worries about Shawn and talks about how people aren't always who they seem, referencing Kiefer. Abby's friends return with coffee and call her Candy. After they walk away, Abby points out how uncomfortable Michael is that she still has ties to her stripper life. When the women return, Michael makes an effort to introduce himself and they invite him along the next time they go out. Abby thanks him for not making her friends feel less than.


Still at Kelly's, Alexis lashes out at Luke for his accusation that she is no longer fun because she's a mother. They debate their differing parenting styles when it comes to their kids' choices. Luke says his kids' decisions are their own and he has nothing to do with it. Alexis wonders why he's back then if he doesn’t care.


In Hawaii, Carly tells Shawn she wants him to believe in her, but she's not sure why. Shawn thinks it's time to believe in herself. Carly pulls out a bottle of tequila, but Shawn doesn’t want any. She asks why not and he responds that she doesn't need to know everything about him. She reminds him she doesn’t know anything about him. He shares that when he was 15 he got drunk with a girl, stole a car and had to run from the police. He really let his mother down that night and he doesn't ever want to let anyone down like that again. Carly tells him he's never let her down. Carly takes a couple of shots and flirtatiously asks Shawn what he's so afraid of. After some more banter, Carly leans in and they kiss. Shawn pulls back and apologizes. Carly says it was just a kiss and they awkwardly say goodnight to each other.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Jason and Sam discuss Carly.

Lucky is warned away from the church in Ireland.

Luke talks about the future with Tracy.

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