This Is Where It Gets Interesting.

Monday, October 24th, 2011

Lisa makes her plans known, Olivia suffers more dizzy spells, and Carly and Shawn bond.

This Is Where It Gets Interesting. image

Still alone near the boat's bar, a drunken Matt continues to drink over being in Patrick's shadow. After looking at the sketch Liz drew of him, he grabs a bottle of champagne and runs out. He stumbles around the boat looking for Elizabeth to apologize for his earlier behavior. Once on the deck, he finds her wrap and sits down. He returns to the bar area and drowns his sorrows some more.

A mystery man brings Liz to shore and revives her. He runs off before Liz can find out who he is.


Olivia tries to fix the engine on the boat, as Steve flirts with her. As she works, she tells him he's the master of deflection, who constantly changes the subject. She kisses him and then almost passes out. Steve brings her to their room and puts her in bed. He leaves for supplies from the medicine closet. Steve returns with a first aid kit and discovers Olivia has left the room. Back in the engine room, Olivia gets dizzy, but she makes progress with the engine. Olivia searches for the captain on the deck and gets dizzy yet again. She drops the wrench she was using and walks off.


In the cabin and still tied to the chair, Robin argues with Lisa. A confused Patrick wakes up and Lisa says, "This is where it gets interesting." Lisa taunts them as they question her about her plan. Patrick urges her to let Robin go, but Lisa pulls out a syringe. Patrick and Robin pretend to fight over Patrick still wanting Lisa, as Robin tries to subtly free herself. Lisa knows they're lying and tells Patrick they will never be together. However, she wants to make sure Robin is always under his skin. She ties off Robin's arm and draws draws her blood. Patrick begs Lisa not to hurt his wife, but Robin realizes Lisa wants to inject Patrick with her HIV infected blood. Patrick declares he's not scared, so her punishment won't work. As Lisa tries to inject Patrick, Robin frees herself and attacks her.


Inside the honeymoon shack in Hawaii, Sam questions Carly about being a mother. Carly tells her every parent screws their kid up one way or another. You just have to make that child feel safe. She adds Sam has the most amazing guy to do that with if they decide to have a baby. Sam thinks Jax was the same man for Carly, but she drove him away. Sam knows that sounds awful, but Carly admits it's the truth.


Outside the cottage, Jason and Shawn discuss what's waiting for Jason back in Port Charles. Shawn wonders why Jason does what Sonny says and doesn't question it. Jason explains how he wanted to work for Sonny and didn’t have any childhood memories puling him in another direction. Shawn pensively says Jason was lucky because sometimes childhood is no place for a child. They catch up regarding the drugs in the warehouse and how Michael is handling the police investigation. Jason knows he's going to have to jump into action once he gets home and asks if Shawn wants to be his backup. Carly and Sam run outside when they hear fireworks, fearing it's gunshots. They realize it's just a festival and Jason and Sam head back inside. Carly stays with Shawn who is having a memory about a child yelling. Carly asks if he's okay wondering if the fireworks are affecting his PTSD. He talks about his time overseas and shares a story about finding a local woman who died in his arms. Carly gives him Josslyn's stuffed animal. She wants to understand him and know what he cares about, what he wants. Shawn wonders why. Carly responds that he helped her a lot. She adds that sometimes a girl just wants to know about a guy if she's about to…Shawn asks, "About to what?"


Back inside the cottage, Jason and Sam watch over a sleeping Josslyn. Jason tells her seeing her sleeping with Josslyn was beautiful and seemed right. Sam wonders if they are ready for a child. Jason asks if thinks they should or shouldn't have a baby.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Matt tells Maxie it's too late.

Johnny has differing ideas from Anthony.

Jason gets a call about Franco.

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