To My Wife And Her New Toy.

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

Luke drops in on Tracy and Anthony, Patrick surprises Robin, and Jason is on edge in Hawaii.

To My Wife And Her New Toy. image

Patrick whisks Robin away from the hospital for an hour to celebrate her birthday. He brings her to the backseat of a limo and gives her a few presents. She opens a kimono for Tokyo, pastries for Paris and maracas for Rio. He then hands her two first class tickets for all three places. She wonders when they will have time to do this. He vows if it takes them the rest of their lives, they will travel the world. Patrick also gives Robin a necklace which he hopes she wears with nothing else on. She thinks that can be arranged and starts to take off her clothes. After having sex in the backseat, Robin tells Patrick she'll be distracted going back to work now, which is exactly what he wanted.


Maxie walks off the hospital elevator with a cake and asks Epiphany where Robin is. Epiphany relays that Patrick pulled her away for a surprise. Maxie gets frustrated and insults Epiphany during one of her rants. Maxie tries to salvage Robin's party, but an orderly flies by with a wheelchair knocking the cake out of her hands, crushing it. Patrick and Robin return to Maxie telling them the party is off. She stalks off and Robin finds her smashed cake. Epiphany lights the candle and Robin makes a wish as she blows it out. She tells her husband she wished to have more birthdays like this one.


Anthony prepares a room at the Metro Court with champagne, chocolates and flower petals. Tracy arrives but insists she's not staying. Anthony reminds her of their deal, but Tracy points out she was coerced. She declares he won't be touching her, but Anthony thinks her presence there tells him otherwise. Luke shows up assuming Tracy is getting her needs filled by the mobster. Tracy denies it, but Luke pours Tracy and Anthony a glass of bubbly. He toasts with a celery stick to his wife and her new toy. Tracy wonders why Luke is there. He hands her divorce papers. Tracy is stunned, but assumes he just wants her money. Luke corrects her, pointing out he isn't asking for spousal support. She asks Anthony to leave them alone. Despite it being his hotel room, Anthony complies. Tracy wants to know what Luke's angle is, but he assures her there isn't one. Tracy thinks he just wants to be free of her and his family. He counters they just need to get on with their own lives. Tracy doesn't buy it.


Ethan drops by Lucky's place to pick him up for a movie. Lucky appreciates the effort, but he has things to do. Ethan assumes he talked to Luke. The brothers discuss their father and Ethan asks if Lucky took those pills. Lucky pulls them out and asks Ethan to get rid of them. Lucky tells Ethan about Siobhan's letter and instructions for him to go to Ireland and wait for a sign. Lucky gets a call from Cameron, who asks him to go to the pumpkin patch with him, Aiden and Liz.


After going to get pumpkins, the family returns to Liz's house. Liz tells Lucky she likes having him there, but Lucky has to leave. She asks if he wants to carve pumpkins, but Lucky can't play house anymore.


Sam and Jason hit the beach in Hawaii, but Sam has some trouble surfing. Jason carries her back to the their place after rescuing her. Jason wonders what name Sam is going to use and she states she will go by Samantha Morgan. They both love it. They move on to discussing her P.I. firm and she wonders if she even has one anymore. Jason asks if she wants to go home. She throws the question back to him. He's worried about Sonny, but declares it's their time to be married and happy. He doesn't want to cut their trip short. After surfing again, Sam tells Jason to meet her in the shower. As Sam waits for him, a jumpy Jason closes their front door. Meanwhile, Franco furiously paints elsewhere while wearing a lei.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Elizabeth breaks down.

Kate gets a visitor bearing flowers.

Kristina gets surprising news.

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