For The Girl Who Saved Maximista.

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

Maxie remembers BJ, Lucky and Ethan catch up, and Lulu takes off her ring.

For The Girl Who Saved Maximista. image

Ethan visits Lucky at home and shows him Laura's portrait. Ethan tells his brother about his interaction with Helena and how he heard things in the walls after she left. Lucky wonders if Helena knows where Luke is right now. Ethan wonders if he cares. Lucky has enough going on without worrying about their father. They go back to talking about Wyndemere and Ethan details his walk through the tunnel. He suggests they bring Lulu in on this, but Lucky tells him she wants nothing to do with him right now. Lucky shows Ethan the envelope he found from Siobhan, but admits he can't bring himself to open it because then her death will be real. Ethan encourages him to open it because it might help him move on. Ethan grabs the portrait and leaves. Lucky opens the envelope.

At the Haunted Star, Luke eyes a bottle of scotch and says there's only one way out of this for everybody. He pulls some things out of his bag as Ethan walks in wondering if he is coming or going.


Delores wakes Lulu up at the loft to question her about Dante's shooting. Lulu reminds her she wasn't there, but Delores thinks she might have heard something. Lulu doesn't know much about Dante's work. She learns Delores is married and asks how her husband deals with her being a cop. Delores doesn’t say anything and Lulu apologizes for prying. Delores offers to give a shaken up Lulu a ride to the hospital. Lulu accepts but takes off her engagement ring before leaving.


Mac stops by Dante's hospital room and tells him Lucky turned in his badge. Mac is furious Dante acted without authorization. Dante says it's weird nothing was missing from the warehouse. Mac orders him to leave it alone and leaves. Lulu visits Dante, who wonders if she picked a wedding date yet. She tells him to just focus on getting better. Dante wants to talk to Delores about the case, but Lulu doesn't want him getting worked up. The topic of Lucky comes up and Lulu gets quiet. She blames Lucky not being there for him when he was shot, but Dante doesn’t blame her brother. Lulu cuddles up next to Dante, who encourages her to work it out with Lucky. He then notices Lulu doesn’t have her ring on.


Michael summons Spinelli to the warehouse to get his hands on the footage. Spinelli tries to explain his problems using the Internet, but Michael insists. As Spinelli sits with his laptop, Abby stops by. Spinelli all of a sudden runs out to do something. Michael tells Abby about the drugs planted at the warehouse, as Ronnie walks in. He wants to know if they have any new revelations about the shooting. Michael remains defensive, but Ronnie doesn’t want him to take the fall for Sonny.

At home, Maxie cries as she thinks about BJ.


Elizabeth finds Matt at the hospital and congratulates him again on his research. Matt is happy about it, but regrets none of his friends or family are supporting him. He says his mom would have been proud of him. Elizabeth asks about her and he explains that his mom died after complications from childbirth and was given the wrong mediation. Elizabeth realizes that's part of what drives him. She wonders if Patrick knows about his mom, but Matt says no because he's never asked. Liz is the only one ever to ask after his mom. Matt has something to do and starts to leave. Liz stops him to say it's okay to be proud of himself. Matt walks off as Maxie asks Liz where Matt is. Maxie tells Liz she's planning something to celebrate Matt's accomplishment. Liz hopes she makes it about Matt for once. Liz walks away. Mac finds Maxie because he knows what today is.


Mac and Maxie head to the roof and remember BJ. After Mac leaves, Spinelli appears with a balloon, "For Barbara Jean. The girl who saved Maximista." Maxie is touched he remembered and thinks BJ would have liked him. Matt shows up and tells Maxie he bought a commemorative charity brick for the hospital inscribed to BJ. Maxie can't believe she has such wonderful men in her life. Alone, Maxie tears up and wishes BJ a happy birthday.

Matt returns to Liz at the hub and tells her she was right and that his mother would be proud of him. He thinks Jake would be proud of Liz as well. Spinelli watches them from around the corner.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital.

Danger lurks for Jason and Sam.

Carly gets a surprise.

Luke goes to see Lucky.

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