Would You Sleep With Me?

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

Carly gets flirty, Lulu gives Dante an answer, and Tracy rebuffs Luke.

Would You Sleep With Me? image

As Shawn tries to explain in Sonny's office what happened in the panic room, Carly shows up and asks Michael to leave so she can talk to Sonny. When Sonny assumes she slept with Shawn, she tells him it's none of his business. Carly takes joy out of taunting Sonny with the thought of them having sex until Shawn adamantly declares it was just a nice cover for the cops and Michael while they hid the drugs. Sonny fires him, because he doesn’t know if he can trust him. Carly defends Shawn, but he doesn't need defending. He reminds Sonny he has seven bags of drugs in his panic room, so if he wants him to get rid of them he can let him know. Carly follows Shawn out to the restaurant wondering why he made having sex with her seem so out of the question. She wonders if he would sleep with her. He smirks and walks out the door. Back in the office, Michael returns to Sonny, who says Dante's shooting needs to be answered for.


In his hospital room, Dante starts to have trouble breathing and his monitors go off as he asks Lulu to marry him. Steve runs in, as Olivia brings Lulu out in the hallway. Olivia tries to reassure a freaked out Lulu that Dante will be okay and that they'll have a life together. Steve joins the women and tells them they have it under control, but it could happen again. Lulu heads back in to see Dante, who asks for her answer. He can't promise bad things won't happen, but he can promise he will love her no matter what and with everything he's got. Lulu smiles and says she will marry him, but on one condition: No one can know yet, except for Olivia, so he can recuperate. She pulls out the ring so he can put it on her finger. They call Olivia in and she excitedly reacts to the news. She reluctantly agrees to keep the secret and Lulu leaves to take care of his insurance information.


Lulu returns to the loft and pours herself a glass of wine. She finds her opera dress and gulps down her drink. She takes off her ring, smells one of Dante's shirts and lies back on the bed.


After Johnny tries to track Skye down over the phone in his penthouse, he has words with his father about Dante's shooting. Anthony later reveals that he has a swanky suite prepared and advises Johnny that life's balance is best achieved with a good woman.


Tracy is none too pleased to see Luke at the spa. He declares he quit drinking, but she finds his flask on him. He promises that he only carries it around as a test, but he hasn't had a drop in weeks. Tracy takes him to task for how he's treated his family and that his being sober is too little too late. He has done some soul searching and he's ready to deal with things, but he needs some wifely support. She informs him that department is closed and there's no money available either. Tracy tells him their marriage is over. Luke thinks it's a lot of tough talk, but he still knows her sweet spot. Tracy denies it, but tears up after he leaves. Anthony shows up and Tracy tells him Luke is home. She can't risk Luke thinking she's cheating on him, so their deal is off. Anthony counters that the price of his silence is still a night with her. Luke listens in and slyly smiles.


At a coffee shop, Abby is greeted by Ronnie. He thinks she's in a perfect position to know a lot of things being Michael's girlfriend and all. Abby doesn't know anything, but Ronnie threatens that she will need someone like him in her corner when her sweet ride is over and she's back on the pole. Once Ronnie has left, Abby leaves Michael a message and then Johnny sits down with her. Abby admits she is worried about Michael and warns Johnny to be careful. She doesn’t think Michael would go after him himself, but Johnny knows Sonny would. Abby doesn't think she should have said anything, but Johnny thanks her because now he can prepare for any outcome and protect her and Michael in the process. Abby wants to believe him. Johnny later meets with one of his men and says his truce with Sonny is apparently off. He wants Michael protected though.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Delores questions Lulu.

Ethan brings Lucky the portrait of Laura.

Maxie commemorates BJ's birthday.

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