Epic Fail.

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Kate and Sonny reminisce, Dante is taken to the hospital and Lucky struggles.

Epic Fail. image

Kate walks into the church and remembers getting shot. Sonny interrupts the bad memories. They keep rehashing the past. He wonders if they can move past it and reminds her that he loved her. She gives him a backward compliment and says that the kind side of him never lasts. After she lists his failures, he says that the women who leave him find a better life. "Sometimes," she says. Alexis shows up and starts bickering with Sonny about her daughter and then urges Kate not to let her daughter into fashion. Kate says Kristina is too nice to enter the fashion world. Alexis gets snarky with her anyway. Kate plods off. Alexis tells Sonny off for taking his ex-fiancée to where she was shot. They argue about Kristina. "What's going to happen is going to happen," he says. After she has a hot flash, she has a proposition for him. He's reluctant but agrees, although this means she owes him.


Ethan goes to see Lucky at his place. The cop has spilled some pills on the floor. They look for them and Lucky rationalizes his behavior. He insists that he's facing his demons. They begin discussing Lulu and her daddy issues and then Laura. Lucky thinks their sister is afraid she'll end up going mad like her mom. The topic turns back to Lucky's addiction. He tells his brother that he doesn't need an audience while he wrestles with this. Ethan leaves. Lucky pulls himself off the floor and tries calling Dante.


Michael finds Dante bleeding on the floor of the warehouse. Carly and Abby walk in and gasp. Michael refuses to call the cops because of how this might look. The women think he's being an idiot and call the cops anyway. Michael says his dad would never shoot Dante... again. He's sure this is part of a mob war and starts looking for clues. He calls Max. Max sends Shawn over. After he gets the story from Michael, he ushers him out as the cops arrive to start asking questions. Carly and Abby claim Michael wasn't there.


At the penthouse, Johnny is lecturing his father for starting another mob war. Anthony tells him to stop worrying so much because he knows what he's doing. His son gets a call and tells his dad they are screwed because he shot Dante.

Someone creeps around Wyndemere, smashing things and looking at Laura's portrait.


Steve is eating Olivia's meat on the roof. She tries probing for his memories of Memphis again. He starts making out with her instead. She thinks he's playing games. "What the hell happened?" she pries. He keeps avoiding and she keeps pushing. They make out some more. He gets beeped back to work. Later, inside, she trails around after Steve, worrying about her son. Dante is suddenly wheeled past her. She tells Steve to fix her baby.


Back outside the church, Spinelli finds Maxie moping about the 'epic fail' of her wedding plans. She shows him her fortunes and complains about Matt disappearing. She thinks she's cursed. He says no one blames her but she worries that everyone will turn against her. She asks him to track down everything that went wrong with her internet orders. He tries explaining what went wrong but Kate walks by. Maxie runs after her. Kate hides in the bathroom and barks at Maxie to go away. She sobs and does her makeup. Maxie returns to Spinelli. He says things can't get any worse. She's sure they can. He explains that he's the one responsible for ruining all of her plans. Kate walks by again. Sonny offers to take her home but she turns him down. Olivia calls to tell him that their son was shot.


Lulu sits in the loft alone and staring at her engagement ring. She sobs and kicks herself for not simply saying yes. After blowing out the candles and throwing the food in the trash, Olivia calls to give her the bad news.

Wednesday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Johnny and Anthony have a major argument.

Carly tells another lie.

Alexis and Kate have a heart-to-heart.

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