Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

Lucky says goodbye to Siobhan, Jax leaves Port Charles, and Spinelli shines through.

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Elizabeth remains frozen as Lucky begs Steve to save Siobhan in her hospital room. When she doesn’t move to help him, Steve orders his sister out. In the hallway, a stunned Lucky desperately says to Liz, "I thought you said she was fine." Elizabeth blames herself, but Lucky won't hear of it. He returns to Siobhan's room after she's flatlined. Steve brings Elizabeth out in the hall so Lucky can say goodbye to his wife. Steve tears into Liz demanding to know what happened since she was the last one to see her alive. Elizabeth tells her brother to go to hell and walks away. Back inside Siobhan's room, Lucky sits with his dead wife and listens to her last voicemail to him. He doesn't think those should have been the last words she spoke to him. There should have been more. He recalls their past and declares he thought he was protecting her, but he should have been protecting her from him. He swallows one of his pills and asks her not to hate him more than she already does. He takes her hand and cries.


At the hub, Steve apologizes for accusing Elizabeth. He knows Siobhan's death has nothing to do with her, but her death makes no sense. Elizabeth remains offended because Steve even thought it. Steve says he will have an autopsy done which will he knows will more than clear her.

Skye steals money out of an ELQ safe, as Abby and Michael walk in the office. She tells them about Carly and Jason's car accident.


Jax hides on the pier as Carly pleads with God for Jax to be okay. Shawn joins Carly, who shares stories from her and Jax's past, as Jax listens in. Shawn and Carly discuss her vow to keep her kids away from Sonny from now on. Once Carly and Shawn have left, Skye returns to give Jax some clothes and a "loan" from Edward. He brings up her association with Anthony and warns her to be careful. Skye tells him she's in bed with Zacchara to secure the future of her child. Jax won't tell her where he's going, but he is now confident Josslyn will be fine. She notes he has no regrets on leaving. He says not right now anyway. She has one regret, that they never could work things out between them. He is the one who got away. She cries as she orders him to be careful. Alone, Jax reminisces about Carly and then leaves.


Sonny sits in the hospital chapel. He recounts his past transgressions and how he regrets that he's hurt his children. Michael and Abby find Sonny, who tells him he's persona non grata around there right now. He fills them in on Jax's crash and how Carly doesn't want him around. He asks Abby for a minute alone with Michael. She leaves, but listens at the doorway, as Sonny fills in the blanks for his son. Michael stands by his father believing that Jax was out of control and had to be stopped. Michael knows Sonny had to take action and states he will straighten it out with Carly. He turns to leave and sees Abby at the door. Privately, Abby questions Michael on how he can support his father who basically admitted killing Jax. Michael defends Sonny, but Abby thinks he's in denial. Michael walks away in a huff. Sonny finds Abby crying. She tells him if he keeps doing this it will destroy Michael.


Maxie tries to jog Spinelli's memory at George's gravesite. He's clearly rattled, but lashes out at Maxie pretending not to be affected. Maxie remains undeterred, as she continues to talk about her sister. She gets increasingly more upset and cries. The Jackal warns her to settle down because of her heart. They both realize Spinelli is coming through.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Tracy tries to cover her tracks.

Abby and Johnny discover they have a lot in common.

Dante hears Sonny and Carly fighting.

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