Monday, August 22nd, 2011

Sonny is left alone, Skye helps Jax, Siobhan's in trouble, and Maxie makes a last ditch effort with Spinelli.

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Sonny comes to the hospital and asks Robin about Jason. She gives him all the information she's allowed to since he's not family. He asks about her arm. She tells him that's the least of the damage he caused the other night. He knows she has a right to be angry. She's angry at herself for always defending him. Sonny apologizes for what he did, but he just wants to see Jason. Carly approaches and says, "Over my dead body." She rails at him, which Robin encourages. Carly wants Sonny to take responsibility for what he did to Jax and show some remorse. Shawn steps off the elevator as Carly tells Sonny he is no better than a street thug. She sees him clearly now. He's a monster that she helped create. She tells Sonny they are done and orders him to stay away from her and their kids. She yells out that he's a murderer and leaves with Shawn.

Robin finds Sonny sitting in Jason's empty hospital room. He asks if he's going to be okay. Robin says all they can do is their best. They old friends get into it again over Sonny firing a gun in her home. Robin never thought she'd say this, but she's had enough. She tells him to take his meds and find his humanity again before he loses every person who loves him. If there's anyone left.


Carly and Shawn head to the pier. She continues to vent about Sonny. He gives her a brownie as comfort food and they talk about her bad eating habits. She recalls how Jax made her eat broccoli when she was pregnant. She calls Jax a good man and states he was the most fun she ever had. She refuses to believe he went down on the plane.


Maxie drags Lucky to the bakery, where a baker is about to pummel The Jackal. There's a flicker of recognition when the baker sees Lucky. Lucky asks if they've met, but the baker just gets angry about The Jackal and walks away. Lucky tells Maxie he should be with his wife right now instead of playing referee with Spinelli. He exits and looks at his bottle of pills as Liz calls to tell him Siobhan is awake. Once Maxie and The Jackal are alone, he curls up next to the dumpster and tears up as Maxie talks about how she has tried to bring him back. She has one last idea. He reminds her he's on a stakeout, but she convinces him to leave with her. She takes him to visit Georgie's grave.


Anthony threatens Siobhan in her hospital room. She tries to slyly reach for her emergency button, but he grabs it. He makes sure she didn’t tell anyone what she overheard on the pier and then pulls out a vile. He pours the contents onto a cloth and covers her mouth with it. As he waits for her to succumb to the drugs, he says Lucky won't be so lucky because his death will be slow. Elizabeth comes to the door. Anthony hides and Elizabeth assumes Siohban is just sleeping. She leaves and Anthony checks Siobhan's pulse before heading out. Siobhan weakly grabs her pillow and writes something on it. Later, after Liz assures him Siobhan is fine, Lucky enters the room. He talks to a lifeless Siobhan, as the pillow with her message lies on the floor. Elizabeth joins him as he touches Siobhan's face and looks concerned. He panics after feeling for her pulse. He wonders why her machines are turned off and yells for Elizabeth to do something.


On the docks, Skye finds Jax, who tells her about his plane crash. She offers to help him and he ask her to get some clothes and money. She tells him she didn’t exactly get the cash from Alcazar due to government interference. However, she will get him whatever he needs. He asks her not to tell anyone she saw him because he can't trust anyone right now. She wonders if that includes Carly. Jax isn't sure he can trust her judgment. Skye wouldn't underestimate the love the two of them shared. Jax hears a noise and hides as Skye meets with Anthony. She tells him she can't give him his information right now because she has to do a favor for someone she cares about. After Anthony and Skye have left, Jax hides again when he sees Carly approaching.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Liz fears she will be blamed.

Michael takes Sonny's side.

Abby isn't happy with Michael.

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