The Luck Of The Irish.

Friday, August 19th, 2011

Anthony surprises Siohban, Robin and Patrick have news for Jason, and Skye gets a shock.

The Luck Of The Irish. image

Anthony enters the hospital looking for medical attention for the cut he sliced in his hand. Epiphany orders him to wait and to not bleed all over her floor. Skye walks off the elevator looking for news on Jason. Epiphany can't give out any information. Anthony calls Skye despite him being across the way from her so as not to tip off their association. He wants Skye's information, but she wants her payment in full first. They make plans to meet at a warehouse to make the exchange.


Epiphany enters Siobhan's hospital room and gives her a bag of her things. Siobhan finds her wedding ring and hesitates putting it on. Elizabeth enters upon Siobhan's request. They talk about Lucky and Siobhan thanks her for saving his life. She knows Liz is the one Lucky turns to when he needs help. Siobhan recalls them arguing at the warehouse, but she doesn't remember what happened after that. Liz fills in the blanks. Siobhan's memory is jogged and she says she wanted to think that Liz tried to kill her. Liz doesn’t like that she's married to Lucky, but she never tried to get rid of her. Siobhan thinks she should just let her and Lucky be together. She then asks to see Lucky because she might have some information on the people behind the drugs. Once Elizabeth has left, Anthony enters her room. He says the luck of the Irish is actually with the Italians today.


Skye waits for Anthony on the pier and sees Jax passed out.


Lucky confronts JT on the waterfront about shooting him up with drugs. JT points out that Lucky really went with the high like a pro. Lucky says thanks to him the drugs are back in his system so now he just wants more. JR doesn’t trust him because he threw his pills away last time. JT finds a bottle of pills on Lucky and orders him to take one to prove it's for real and not a drug bust. Lucky reluctantly complies. JT still doesn't trust him. Matt finds them and, to help Lucky's cover, pretends he got Lucky the drugs. JT takes off and Matt demands to know what Lucky is doing. Lucky needs him to stay out of it. Matt suggests he keep Elizabeth out of it instead. Lucky won't do anything to hurt Elizabeth. Matt doesn’t think he can help himself. He adds that Siobhan is awake now.


Outside Jason's hospital room, Robin tells Patrick Jason's seizure wasn't caused by the surgery. She found something but she doesn't know what it is or what to do with it. Meanwhile, Sam tries to get Jason to stay put and relax inside the room. Robin and Patrick enter. Jason asks Robin what happened to her arm. Robin launches into the story of what happened with Sonny. Jason apologizes for Sonny and tries to get out of bed to find him. Robin tells him he could drop dead if he leaves. Robin and Patrick explain that the tests have indicated there is something non-organic in his frontal lobe and it has shifted. It caused the seizures and it will continue to trigger them. Patrick says they have to move the foreign object because Jason can't live with a ticking bomb in his head. Jason says he will take medication, but he won't undergo another surgery. As they debate it, Jason has another seizure. Once Jason is stabilized, Robin asks to run some more tests. Jason tells her to do what she needs to do. He also tells Sam he has to be okay because they are getting married.


Dante enters his loft and finds Lulu there. As she talks about Lucky, he starts kissing her and they end up in bed. After they have sex, Dante tells Lulu about Sonny and how Jax's plane crashed. They move on to talking about Lucky. Lulu feels like he's hiding something. Dante then pulls out Lulu's birthday present. She opens the box and finds a key and a Falconeri/Spencer name plate. He says it's way of asking her to move in with him.

Monday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Anthony pays Siobhan a visit.

Skye keeps Jax hidden.

Carly faces off with Sonny.

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