Wouldn't You Like To Know?

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

Carly cuts Sonny out of her life, Skye rattles Tracy, and Matt helps Liz.

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Elizabeth asks Matt at the hospital to run tests on a prescription bottle. She needs to find out the potency of the pills, but she can't get into the lab with Robin's new security procedures. Matt agrees and heads to the lab where he secretly inspects the pills. He returns to Liz and tells her the bottle has been mislabeled. The dosage was downgraded. Elizabeth later calls Lucky to meet her about his case. She tells him what she's learned. He in turn tells her she doesn’t have to make up for anything that happened between her and Siobhan. He blames himself for what happened, but Liz reminds him the drugs were forced on him. She suggests he take himself off the case, but he needs to get the people behind this.


Ethan stops Anthony's goon from attacking Siobhan in her hospital bed for the second time. After the man leaves, Ethan tells Siobhan she had an accident and asks if she remembers anything. She recalls being on the stairs with Elizabeth. Matt walks in to check on Siobhan. He tells her she's fortunate and that Liz kept her stable until the ambulance got there. She probably saved her life. Matt says her memory will return soon, but he'll order some tests in the meantime. Later, Matt returns and Siobhan tells him she wants to talk to Elizabeth.


Sonny denies any wrongdoing after Carly slaps him at the police station. Dante then fills Carly in on what he knows about Jax's crash. Carly tells Sonny that Jax was right: He destroys everything that is good and decent. He assumes she wants him to rot in Hell, but Carly retorts Hell isn't good enough for him. Sonny and Carly go to the interrogation room where Sonny tells her the plane was never supposed to take off. Carly knows this is all about Brenda. She tells him Jax didn't take Brenda. She walked. And who could blame her? She tells him his kids will never forgive him for this and he will end up alone. He will have no one to blame but himself. She wants him to stay away from her and her kids. Sonny says they are his children too. She responds, "Not anymore." Once Carly has left, Dante tells his father he's free to go home to his house all by himself. Sonny thinks Carly will come around, but Dante suggests he move to his island where people are paid to like him. Dante taunts his father that if you run from something long enough (i.e. his past in Bensonhurst) it comes full circle and you run into it again.


In the ELQ office, Skye accuses Tracy of killing her husband, mobster Gino Soleito, on her wedding night in the '90s and reaping the financial benefits. Skye points out Tracy merged many of the Soleitos' businesses into ELQ to bring it back from the brink, without Edward's or Gino's family's knowledge. Tracy wonders how much this is going to cost her. Skye isn't looking for money. She just wants the truth. Tracy asks what she's going to do. Skye retorts, "Wouldn't you like to know," and walks out.


Skye meets with Anthony at the secret restaurant. She tells him just hearing Gino's name put Tracy into a cold sweat. She reveals that she got the info on Tracy from the notes Alcazar made in one of his files. After Skye has left, Anthony meets with his goon, who tells him he was prevented from taking care of Siobhan. Anthony says you can't send a boy to do a man's job and then slices his hand with a knife for effect.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Robin has a theory about Jason.

Siohban and Liz discuss Lucky.

Dante asks Lulu to move in.

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