Abuse Of Power.

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

Dante confronts Sonny, Carly overhears bad news, and Skye questions Tracy.

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Dante visits Sonny in his jail cell. Sonny warns Dante Diane will sue him for abuse of power if he does not get him out of there. Dante counters that Sonny's whole life is an abuse of power. Dante adds he's not going anywhere so he needs to know what Sonny did to Jax's plane. Sonny says it's over because Jax left. Dante informs him that Jax's plane took a nosedive into the harbor. Dante accuses Sonny of tampering with the plane, but Sonny denies any wrong doing. Dante points out he's detached from reality right now because he's off his meds. Dante tells Sonny to pray Jax is found or else he could be charged with murder. After Dante has left, Jax visits Sonny. He says he knows what goes on in his head, because he is in his head. He taunts Sonny about his plan to deal with him. Jax tells him that Brenda was on the plane with him when it went down. He says Brenda died hating him. Jax tells Sonny Brenda is dead and now it's his turn. Sonny jolts awake from his dream.


Carly walks out to her living room and finds Shawn sleeping on her couch. He offers to watch Josslyn while she visits Jason. After she's gone, Dante stops by. He tells Shawn Jax's plane went down and Sonny is responsible. Shawn admits he saw Sonny on Jax's plane.


When Sam wants answers about Jason in his hospital room, Matt attacks Patrick for his actions. Sam kicks them out until they have facts to report to her. They head into the hallway and argue until Steve breaks it up. Carly shows up, but Sam tells her Jason is having tests done so she doesn’t need to be there. Sam orders her to go home. Carly reluctantly leaves the room. Alone, Sam cries and curls up on Jason's bed.

Steve calls Robin to meet him, Matt and Patrick in the morgue. Steve tells Robin how the brothers were arguing in front of Sam. Robin says she'll take it from there and Steve exits. Robin tells the brothers they need to focus on a treatment plan for Jason. Matt leaves to run labs on Jason, as Patrick admits using Robin to okay Jason's biopsy. Back upstairs at the hub, Patrick worries Jason's seizures were a result of the biopsy. Carly approaches to thank Robin for talking Jax into bringing Josslyn home. Robin says she didn't do it for her. Robin blames Carly for unleashing Sonny's craziness. Patrick tells her about Sonny coming to their home and shooting at Jax. Carly says Jason is the only one who can handle Sonny when he's like this. Shawn calls to tell Carly to go to the police station for news on Jax.


Carly shows up at the station, as Dante uncuffs Sonny after getting released on bail. She hears Dante accuse Sonny of killing Jax. She storms over to Sonny and slaps him.


Lucky sits by Siobhan's bedside at the hospital. Lulu walks in and questions her brother about not being there for Siobhan's surgery. She thinks he should be more concerned about his wife than his undercover drug case. She suggests he take a leave of absence to clear his head. Lucky thinks she's just worried he will get high. Lucky tells his sister he can't be her project now that Luke is gone. Lulu leaves and Steve enters the room. He shares his concern that Liz was responsible for Siobhan's fall. Lucky knows it was an accident. After Steve leaves, Lucky talks to his comatose wife. He doesn't know why he keeps shutting her out and running away when he's the one who asked her to stay. However, he has to stop JT and whoever is running the drugs. He kisses her hand and exits, as Siobhan wakes up.


Skye waits with Edward at the hospital for word on Jason. Tracy walks up and bickers with Skye. Edward has chest pains and Tracy takes him to see Monica. Skye calls Anthony and tells him they need to meet – now.


Skye meets with Anthony at a restaurant. She wants her money, but he wants her to finish the job first. She vows he will get all he needs to stick it to Tracy. However, she makes it clear that Edward stays out of it or else she walks.


Skye waits for Tracy at ELQ. Skye wants to know about Gino Soleito.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Liz asks Matt to test a prescription bottle.

Siobhan asks to see Liz.

Carly swears Sonny out of her life.

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