Life Without A Safety Net.

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

Diane, Mac, Coleman and Alexis discuss love and sex, while Jax takes off and Sonny is arrested.

Life Without A Safety Net. image

Jax notices wires have been pulled on his jet. He fiddles with them and starts up the plane, but the tower tells him he does not have clearance. Jax takes off anyway, but seems to have trouble with his controls mid-flight.


Ethan stops Anthony's goon from harming Siohban in her hospital room. The goon pretends to be an orderly and leaves.


Dante brings Sonny to the station for assaulting him. Sonny leaves a message for Diane as Lulu visits Dante. She tells him she 's looking for Lucky, but Dante hasn't seen him. She takes a call from Ethan about Siobhan's accident with Elizabeth. He doesn't want her to be alone right now, so Lulu heads over. Dante walks back into to see Sonny, who says Diane will have him out in a couple of days. Dante says that will give Jax enough time to get out of town without more bullets flying. Sonny declares that Jax isn't going anywhere. Dante wonders what he did. Later, Max drops in and tells Sonny there was a problem and Jax already took off.


Lucky tries to leave the church to see Siobhan, but Elizabeth stops him. She tells him about the car accident and how his wife is in the hospital. She explains that she was driving the car Siobhan was in. Elizabeth also tells him about Siobhan falling down the flight of stairs, but swears it was an accident. Lucky leaves to go see his wife.


Lulu sees Lucky and Liz rush into the hospital. Lucky is caustic with his sister as he tries to get information from the nurse about Siobhan. Lulu assumes he's on something. Lucky reminds her he's undercover right now, but it doesn't mean he's living the part. He states he is not Luke and never will be. He leaves to sit with Siobhan.


After Mac crashes the party at Jake's, Diane convinces him to stay and loosen up, as Coleman counsels Alexis at the bar. Diane tells Mac he is too safe and honest to be desired by women, namely Alexis. Mac responds that they are friends and colleagues and he won't compromise her. Diane suggests he appreciate her in a new way. Mac accuses her of thinking he's washed up. Diane just thinks he needs to find the man he lost while parenting and being politically correct. Talk turns to Diane and she admits it's been great with Max, but you have to eventually move on to make new memories with someone or something new. Mac notes she's scared. She admits she is, but there's something to be said for living life without a safety net. She says you have find something that makes you truly happy, but Mac says sometimes you just have to be okay with what you have. Meanwhile, Alexis admits to Coleman there isn't any spark between her and Mac. He thinks she should give it a chance, but Alexis doesn’t think it works that way. She says you just recognize in the moment the thing you've been waiting for, even if you didn't know you wanted it. Alexis turns it on Coleman and they talk about Kate. He admits he tired to fit in her world, but she didn’t want him on her arm in public. She asks if he misses her. He does, but he's not sure if he misses her or just having someone there. He talks about being with other women and running the bar, but wonders if there's more to life than that. Mac approaches and offers to drive Alexis home, but gets a call over the radio to go to the airport. Diane announces she just got a call from Sonny and she has to leave to meet him.


Michael follows a crying Abby back to their room on the island. She tells him she overheard some women talking about her. They assumed she was a hooker Sonny paid to be with him. After Abby expresses how upset she is about it, Michael leaves to straighten things out. When Michael returns, he tells Abby anyone who disparages her will be fired, but he thinks she needs to stop worrying about what people think about her. She doesn’t want him to act like his father and again suggests he explore all of his options. He in turn wants her to see herself for the beautiful person she is. She doesn't feel beautiful. Later, Michael sets up a dinner for them and apologizes for being an ass. They talk about heading back to Port Charles, but he hasn't made up his mind about returning to ELQ though. He vows to take her advice and explore his opportunities and have fun.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Carly smacks Sonny.

Tracy and Skye face off.

Patrick, Matt and Robin disagree about Jason.

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