There's Been An Accident.

Monday, August 8th, 2011

Jason, Siobhan and Carly are hurt in the accident, The Jackal falls for Lulu, and Robin seduces Patrick.

There's Been An Accident. image

Maxie brings The Jackal to Crimson while she puts out a work related fire. Lulu walks in to ask if Maxie has seen Lucky. The Jackal takes great interest in the original blond one as she delicately wonders if Maxie is one of the bad habits Lucky has picked up again. The Jackal becomes suspicious of Maxie in regards to his case as Lulu stands by confused. Maxie tries to explain Spinelli's new persona, as The Jackal becomes more enamored with Lulu, much to Maxie's irritation. Lulu, who he is now calling Moonlight, is amused by Spinelli's fantasy life, but Maxie tries to make her see why she should be more concerned. The Jackal recalls that it's Lulu's birthday. She smiles because he is the only one who remembered. A ruffled Maxie drags The Jackal away to see someone so he can remember his old life. Before they can get on the elevator though, the power goes out.

After Monica witnesses Robin and Patrick butting heads at the hospital, she offers her new chief of staff some advice. She suggests she find a balance between work and her marriage. Robin declares their marriage is great, but Monica thinks she might be hard on Patrick right now because there's still some resentment for him cheating. Robin insists she is past it and that Patrick is being wonderful right now. Monica urges her not to take it for granted. Monica would give anything to get her family back because she didn’t appreciate it until it was all gone. She advises Robin treasure her husband and her daughter. Robin thanks her. Patrick returns and Robin drags her husband home after reassigning his surgery.


At home, Robin tells Patrick she wants to thank him for the spa day she didn’t get to enjoy by giving him one at home. She orders him to slip into something more comfortable, but he wants her to help him with that. She unbuttons his shirt as they kiss. They give each other massages and discuss picking certain dates to spend just on them. Things heat up on the massage table as they make out. They enjoy more time together until their power goes out. Patrick thinks he should get back to the hospital to make sure everything is okay. Robin stays behind with Emma.


After the crash, Elizabeth finds Jason passed out in the truck and Carly passed out on the ground. Carly wakes up and discovers a pain in her wrist and some blood. She begs Liz to help Jason. Elizabeth then searches for Siobhan as she tries to get a signal on a phone. She finds Siobhan thrown from the car. Dante finds them and assesses the scene. After calling for an ambulance, Dante returns and cuts Jason loose from his seatbelt. Elizabeth checks on Jason as the ambulances approach. The paramedics take Jason away as Dante convinces Elizabeth to go to the hospital before she searches for Lucky. As Carly is about to be taken away, she asks Dante to have Olivia meet her at the hospital.


Steve sees Olivia run off the elevator at the hospital to meet Dante. He then heads off with Elizabeth, who rushes in with Siobhan. Monica sees Jason brought in. Dante follows in behind Carly, who calls out for Olivia. Carly tells Olivia that Jax is there. After checking on Siobhan, Steve questions Liz about what she was doing with her rival. Meanwhile, Monica calls Sam to tell her Jason was in an accident.


Shawn tries to prevent Jax from taking Josslyn from Carly's place. As the men bicker, Shawn recalls hearing a child yelling out over gunfire. He freezes as Jax leaves with Josslyn. Shawn snaps out of it and runs after Jax.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Carly is determined to get to Jax before Sonny finds out.

Sonny bursts in on Edward and Skye.

Abby gets uncomfortable on the island.

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