Happy Wedding Day.

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

Lucky and Siobhan try again, Sam gets ready for surgery, and Luke rages on.

Happy Wedding Day. image

At Lucky's, Nikolas backs Siobhan up when she says getting married while Lucky is still grieving is a bad idea. Lucky assures them he is thinking clearly and wants to keep Siobhan around. Nikolas suggests they travel the world on his dime instead. Lucky is tempted, he but doesn’t want to run away because that will bring him one step closer to being his dad. Lucky turns to Siobhan and urges her to stay there with him and marry him. After more debate, Siobhan agrees to get hitched. Nikolas leaves, as Siobhan and Lucky get dressed for their nuptials. Before they head out, Lucky kisses her and says, "Happy wedding day."


Luke tells Tracy at Kelly's he is suing her. Tracy appeals to Alexis to tell him he doesn't have a case. Luke lists how he's been wronged, but Tracy tells Alexis if she considers herself Luke's friend, she will stay out of it. Alexis says she will look into it for herself, but suggests Tracy not try to change Luke into someone he doesn’t want to be. Alexis leaves and Tracy tells Luke she loves him and is trying to help him. She won't stop either one anytime soon. Luke declares he will sue her and win. He will make her sorry he ever darkened her door. She doesn't think he is strong enough to launch a full scale self-destruct and is upset he wants to make her hate him enough that she will stop loving him. She thinks that is a clear sign of how sick he is and urges him to get help.


After Elizabeth "sees" Jake again at the hospital in front of Lulu, she opens up to her former sister-in-law. Lulu listens and is sympathetic to her grief. Lulu assures her she always considers her family and urges her to call if she needs anything. Lulu leaves and Kelly finds Elizabeth. After some conversation about Jake, Kelly asks Elizabeth for her schedule. Elizabeth pulls it up and discovers Kelly has a fertility procedure scheduled for Sam.


Lulu meets Ethan at the Haunted Star. He wonders if they did the right thing with the intervention and suggests they reach out to Luke. Lulu replies that after her interaction with their father earlier that day, she's certain they need to cut him off for good. She knows Ethan will do what he wants and she won't judge him for it, but she can't promise she won't stop trying to get him to see things their way. Ethan doesn't think cutting Luke off will help. Alexis walks in to get their take on the situation with Luke. Lulu declares she knows Luke is an alcoholic and walks out. After Alexis has also left, Luke boards the boat. He says he doesn’t hold the intervention against his son and then offers Ethan a drink.


Sam and Jason talk about her surgery in the penthouse. She says she just wants the possibility of getting pregnant, but there's no pressure to actually do so. Molly runs in and expresses how excited she is they are finally having a baby. They tell her there are no guarantees and that they are taking things one step at a time. Molly remains optimistic and gives Sam her bear for good luck.


Jason brings Sam to the hospital and leaves to find her some ice chips. He runs into Elizabeth, who admits coming back to work so soon was more difficult than she expected. She lets him know she is aware of Sam's procedure. She is happy he might have a chance to be a father and is sorry he didn’t get to be one with Jake. They discuss how things might have been different if different choices were made. Jason tells her she can't second guess herself. Jason returns to Sam and tells her he ran into Elizabeth. He doesn't know how Elizabeth lives in the house where Jake lived. He says he couldn't do it. She asks if he wants to leave, but he doesn't because this is his chance to take care of her now.

Elizabeth makes a call for Lucky and learns he is getting married right now. She holds the DNA test and runs to the hospital elevator.


Nikolas shows up at the justice of the peace to be there for Lucky and Siobhan. He even brought the rings.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Jason dreams of Jake.

Liz recalls when she and Lucky exchanged vows.

Brenda offers a reward for Lucian.

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