Don't Let Fear Get In The Way.

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

Johnny's motives are questioned, Sam consults with Dr. Lee, and Jax argues with Brenda.

Don't Let Fear Get In The Way. image

Lulu visits Dante at the station and listens to him bemoan Michael's desire to join the mob. Once Lulu has left, Ronnie overhears Dante leaving a message for Brandon's lawyer, Angela Dwyer. Ronnie tells him new evidence surfaced implicating Michael.


At the penthouse, Jason urges Sam not to let fear get in her way of having a baby. A mistake he made. He offers to go with her to her appointment. While she is touched by the offer, she declines and leaves to see Dr. Lee by herself. Diane stops by and tells Jason it doesn’t look good for Abby or Michael since they don't have alibis. She points out Jason doesn't have one either. She asks for a real answer on who killed Brandon. He responds it wasn't him, so she asks if anyone can vouch for his whereabouts. He says he was on his bike that night. He doesn't think Michael did it either, but she thinks Michael might be covering for Abby. Dante shows up after Diane has left. After rehashing the situation, Jason declares Michael will not go to prison for Brandon's murder. Dante warns him it might be too late.


Sam meets with Kelly at the hospital to find out if she is a good candidate for the fertility procedure.


Johnny bumps into Abby at Kelly's and offers to lend out his lawyer free of charge should she need one again in the future. Michael walks in and suggests using the Zacchara lawyer could be a conflict of interest since she represented Brandon. Johnny insists he has no agenda and sincerely wants to help. After Johnny leaves, Abby questions whether or not Johnny could be using Michael to get at Sonny. Michael doesn't think so. She again tells him she doesn’t want him to join the mob, especially if it's to protect her. He just wants respect and to prove to his father he's worthy.


Ronnie brings Michael down to the station. With Diane present, Ronnie shows them video footage of Michael with Brandon the night Brandon died. He tells Michael the best thing he can do for himself and Dante, who could lose his badge, is confess.


Ethan stops by Johnny's and laments his father's self-destruction. He doesn't know what to do for Luke and asks what someone does in this situation. Johnny chuckles that Ethan is asking the wrong guy. Johnny asks about Maya, but Ethan says she's gone back to Philadelphia for family and he doesn't know when she's coming back. Johnny offers Ethan a drink, but he passes because of what happened with Luke. Johnny tells him he might have a job for him, but wonders if he is opposed to training someone new because Michael might be coming to work for him. After Ethan has left, Lulu drops by to question Johnny's intentions towards Michael. She urges him not to take Michael down with him if he insists on being part of the mob world.


Upon hearing from Molly that Brenda didn't want the kids to overwhelm Lucian, Carly hightails it over to Brenda's to ream her out. Brenda declares she would never try to keep Sonny's kids from him.


Outside Josslyn's hospital room, Shawn declines Jax's offer, as Carly walks up. She reminds Jax how many times Franco got close to Josslyn and points out Shawn will do anything he can to make sure their daughter is safe. Jax doesn't trust him, but thinks they should hash it out another time when Shawn isn't there.


Jax visits Brenda at home. They talk about Lucian and she muses on the possibility of their kids having playdates. He thinks that'd be great, but he won't allow his daughter in Sonny's house. Brenda defends her husband and they argue about the dangers Sonny's life poses. Jax thinks both Lucian and Brenda deserve better than being around guards 24/7.


Carly finds Sam crying at Kelly's. She assumes she found out she can't have kids during her consult with Dr. Lee.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Sonny pays Anthony a visit in prison.

Michael tells Jason he has modeled his life after him.

Sam has news for Jason.

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