Stone Cold Sober.

Monday, March 28th, 2011

Michael and Abby hit the sheets, as Lucky and Jason confront Luke.

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After learning from Dante that Luke was the one who hit Jake at the station, Jason assumes Luke was drunk. Dante points out he doesn't know that for sure and implores Jason to think about the people it would affect if he goes after him. Jason gives him an icy stare and asks if he's under arrest. Dante says no and Jason leaves.

Sam implores Carly to tell Jason about Franco's message while in Josslyn's hospital room. Carly thinks it's too soon after Jake's death, but Sam knows Jason would want to be alerted to this.


Carly meets Jason at the penthouse and plays Franco's video. He thinks it was the right thing to come to him, but tells her to get back to Josslyn. Carly thinks Franco knows Jason is grieving, which means he is playing him. Jason wants her to go to Josslyn so he knows they are safe. She wants him to be careful.

Shawn walks into Josslyn's hospital room to find the baby sitting in Carly's lap. Shawn says he's their new bodyguard.


At the Haunted Star, Lucky demands to know if Luke was drinking the night he hit Jake. Luke admits he had a drink, but insists he wasn't drunk. Lucky recalls him having a couple of shots that night. Luke declares he never drives drunk; he always turns over his keys. Luke swears he didn’t see Jake. Lucky points out that's because he was drunk. Luke takes a drink and a dumbfounded Lucky asks if he is out of his mind. Luke downs a couple more shots and declares he has been drinking since he was twelve, therefore, he can hold his liquor. He performs a couple of field sobriety tests and assures his son he is stone cold sober. Luke urges his dad to stop, but Luke just takes a couple more shots. Lucky slaps the drink out of his father's hand and yells at him. Luke breaks down into sobs, as Lucky backs away. Luke says he will carry Jake's death with him for the rest of his life. Lucky doesn't think that makes it okay. Luke wishes he could blame it on the drinking because it would be an easy way to explain what happened. Lucky starts to leave, but Luke stops him saying no one knows why this happened. Lucky is gobsmacked that Luke won't face what's right in front of him. Luke says Lucky's drinking killed his son. Luke responds if that comforts him, then he will admit it was his drinking that killed Jake. Lucky says he could never hate him. He knows Luke loves him, just like he loved Jake. Lucky walks out, leaving his father devastated. Luke sits alone and recalls past conversations with Lucky about being a dad. He flips the table over and screams.


Lulu apologizes to Elizabeth at her house for the way she's treated her. Elizabeth says none of it matters now. As they talk, Dante stops by and tells the women Luke is the one who hit Jake. However, he makes it clear it appears to be a complete accident. Lulu and Elizabeth are stunned. Elizabeth asks them to leave.

Dante returns to the station and finds Lucky. They determine there's no way to prove Luke was over the legal limit and Dante says there's not much of a case against him. Dante tells him Jason knows it was Luke and he thinks he was drunk.

Lucky stops by Jason's, but finds Sam instead. He wonders if Jason went after Luke. She doesn’t know. He asks her to tell Jason not to kill his dad if she sees him before he does.


Jason boards the Star. Luke asks him if he brought his own gun or if he wants to use his. Jason asks if he was drinking. Luke responds he was drinking, but he wasn't drunk. However, he did drive the car that killed Jake and he's sorry. Jason isn't buying it. Luke pulls out his gun and tells Jason to use it.


Lulu runs into Tracy on the street and tearfully tells him Luke was the one who hit Jake. Tracy is stunned. They worry how Luke will deal with this.


Abby leads Michael to her bedroom, where they continue to kiss. Abby is slow and gentle with him as they take off their clothes and lie on the bed. After they have sex, Michael holds Abby in his arms and tells her he has never felt so happy and free before. She in turn tells him he makes her feel safe enough to trust again. They kiss again and Michael asks if it's too soon to do it again. He doesn't want her to think he's taking advantage of her. She's wanted him for so long she doesn't want him to think she's taking of him. He smiles and they go at it again. Afterwards, Abby and Michael snack on cold pizza. Michael babbles on and can't stop smiling. She thinks it looks good on him. He never knew what happiness was until now. She's feeling the same thing. He suggests they go to a movie or go to an art gallery – whatever she wants to do. She kisses him. They recall how they met and he says he never thought he was going to be normal. He credits her for helping him get through everything. They kiss again, he picks her up and carries her to the bedroom. Back in bed, Michael wonders if it's okay to be this happy when so many people he loves are hurting right now. She thinks he is long overdue for some happiness. Michael tells her he loves her.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Brandon's back.

Jax finds Shawn protecting Carly and Josslyn.

Brenda and Sonny return to Port Charles.

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